Sony today detailed the free games heading to PlayStation Plus subscribers over May 2017. Here’s what to expect in Europe and Australia. PS Vita Laser Disco Defenders Type: Rider PS3 Blood Knights Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants PS4 Alienation

A bunch of Telltale Games titles are now available via the Humble Bundle. For $12 USD, players can grab Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead Seasons One and Two and 400 Days, Back to the Future, Sam & Max: Devil’s Playhouse, Poker Night at the

2K, Gearbox and Telltale Games today announced a disc-based version of Tales from the Borderlands, a release that will bundle all episodes of the title in one package. A new trailer for the game was also released. All five episodes will

I have never finished a Borderlands game before. I’ve always been interested in the universe and the humour Gearbox pour into the franchise, but its grindy gameplay gets too old too quickly for me. When the full season of Tales from

The fifth and final episode of Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands first season is due for release this week. In order to get you all excited for it, a brand new trailer has been released. Available for PC and Mac from 20

The fifth and final installment of this season of Tales from the Borderlands is coming 20 October and Telltale Games are in the mood to celebrate. Episode One is now free on consoles and mobile devices and they’ve also dropped

Telltale Games has released a new behind-the-scenes video for the upcoming Tales from the Borderlands. Featured in the video are a host of developers from Gearbox. The game will take place after the events of Borderlands 2. The episodic

Telltale Games today released the first batch of screenshots from their upcoming title Tales from the Borderlands. The game’s story will take place after the events of Borderlands 2, and features new characters Rhys and Fiona. Neither are Vault Hunters,