On this episode of The GAP Luke Lawrie and Nathan Lawrence talk about the busy start to the year and catch up with a few things Nathan has been getting up to since last on. The games they’ve been playing

The Elder Scrolls: Legends was today released globally on PC — and has a staggered release on iPad, Android and Mac —  but don’t expect the title head to Xbox One, PS4 or even the handheld Switch. Scott Martins, President of

Stevivor recently sat down with the Paul Dennen, Creative Director and Lead Designer, and Scott Martins, President, of Dire Wolf Digital, the studio behind The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Legends today launched globally on PC and also on iPad here in Australia.

Snipperclips: Cut It Out Together! is the Switch’s second-best launch game, almost beating out The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the honour. Forget about the shovelware that is 1-2-Switch; Snipperclips has a cheap entry point, simple yet demanding gameplay

We made jokes about someone completing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild super quickly (and naked) — and it’s already been done. Below, you can watch the world’s current fastest speedrun of Breath of the Wild, clocking in at just

Old Time Hockey will feature players with their own stats, but team selection is ultimately more important, developer V7 told Stevivor. “Players all have their own stats and there is definitely some variance,” said Director Karthik Venkateshan. “But we have had

Target’s eBay store is having a huge sale on games and accessories. Best yet, if you spend $50 AUD or more in store, you’ll receive $20 AUD off your order. Use coupon code CDARKER at checkout to take advantage. Here

Nintendo should hire developer Shin’en Multimedia to make a proper F-Zero game. It’s basically what the studio has crafted with Fast RMX for Switch, only without the licensing or budget. Technically a sequel to Fast Racing Neo on Wii U,

Connection issues experienced by the Nintendo Switch’s left Joy-Con seem to stem from the way they’ve been made, a YouTube channel recently deduced. Spawn Wave has torn the left Joy-Con apart, revealing a different configuration than the stable right Joy-Con. The

The Nintendo Switch is less than a week old, and players are still learning its particulars. Today, we demonstrate where the amiibo NFC reader is located on the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons and Pro Controller. With this knowledge you can scan

It’s like Bomberman, but each player only needs half a controller and it’s having a laugh with the price tag; that’s Super Bomberman R for Nintendo Switch. Likely to be the most popular optional launch title – because everyone with a

1-2-Switch is overpriced and underwhelming. A collection of 28 mini-games priced at $69.95 AUD, 1-2-Switch is a one-hit wonder without the hit. Unlike Wii Sports, which provided ample replay and, for most, was packaged with the Wii itself, unsuspecting Switch owners will buy

I Am Setsuna is a JRPG from Square Enix, developed by Tokyo RPG Factory. Despite the mass-production imagery this name might bring to mind, what results is a very unique title that evokes memories of classic RPGs gone by. After launching

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is at times complex, so we’ve made a guide that’ll help you with cooking, including tasty recipes Link can try. Cooking requires at least two things: ingredients and a fire. Ideally, you’ll

The Nintendo Switch is making it quite difficult to use multiple devices. First, Nintendo has confirmed that game saves cannot be backed up to a cloud or MicroSD card, meaning the game you’re playing can’t be shared across multiple consoles

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild supports amiibo, but it’s a bit tricky to figure out how it all works. Luckily, we’ve the answers. Follow our handy steps below and you’ll be all set! Initial amiibo set up First,