The recently announced Metroid Prime 4 will head to Nintendo Switch in 2018, the publisher confirmed at E3. “We’ve announced a nice lineup through this year, and next year we have some big games coming with Metroid 4,” Nintendo’s Charlie Scibetta told GamesBeat. “2018

I’ll admit it: I was a skeptic when it came to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and rumours flying fast and furious over the past few months. I didn’t believe the game was in development, for starters, and I was against the

Old Time Hockey is targeting an August release on Xbox One, developer V7 Entertainment today confirmed. The announcement was made over Twitter. #OTH XB1 fans – we have a build nearly ready for Microsoft submission and we are targeting an early

Update 3.0.0 for the Nintendo Switch is now available, bringing with it a host of new options. The update includes the following: Registration for News channels focusing on specific games Adding friends from your 3DS or Wii U Friend Lists

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s upcoming Master Mode difficulty will use a separate save file, Nintendo has confirmed. This means players can keep their original, normal difficulty save if they feel up to the increased challenge that

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has said that Sony’s stance on Minecraft cross-platform play doesn’t “seem healthy for anyone.” Speaking with Giant Bomb, Spencer questioned Sony’s Jim Ryan and his reasons for blocking cross-platform play for both Minecraft and Rocket League. The two titles will

Update: Capcom has responded to Stevivor’s enquiry with a rather unhelpful response. “No announcements have been made,” Capcom told Stevivor early this morning. We’ll update this story as more becomes available. Original story: A translated interview on Capcom’s website suggests the publisher

ARMS‘ baddie Max Brass will become a playable character next month thanks to free DLC, Nintendo today confirmed. The Grand Prix boss will have two unique traits — he won’t flinch when his arms are changed, and he’ll have permanently

New gameplay footage from Super Mario Odyssey can be used to prove that the adorable plumber is, in fact, a denizen of Twin Peaks‘ famous Black Lodge. Actually, Mario could even be the notorious Killer BOB. As Black Lodge denizens are wont to

Beyond Good & Evil 2‘s Space Monkey Program website may have detailed the platforms the upcoming game will release upon. The program’s sign up sheet asks you to select your platform of choice, and only three options are available: Windows

Update: Oops. Looks like there was something lost in translation between Capcom and Gamespot this morning. The publisher has clarified the situation via Twitter: Just to clarify: our official response is we have not announced any plans to localize MHXX at

Sony has told Eurogamer it is blocking cross-platform play with PS4 and Switch, Xbox One and PC to protect the security of its user base. As part of E3 2017, it’s been announced that both Minecraft and Rocket League will allow for cross-platform play

ASTRO recently announced the new, budget-friendly A10 headset, compatible with Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac and mobile devices. The Nintendo Switch wasn’t listed, but we’d wager the A10 covers that console as well. Retailing at $99.99 AUD, the headset will

Rocket League’s Psyonix has laid the blame with Sony for a lack of cross-platform play between Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. Like Minecraft, cross-platform play will be available on all available lead platforms with the exclusion of the PS4.

Nintendo has used E3 to detail a new batch of amiibo from the Mario, Metroid, Zelda and Fire Emblem franchises. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild amiibo focus on the game’s for Champions: Goron Daruk, Rito Revali, Zora Mipha and Gerudo Urbosa.

Metroid Prime 4, newly confirmed for Nintendo Switch, won’t be developed by Retro Studios. Nintendo’s Bill Trinen has confirmed that the studio, who’s worked on the original Metroid Prime trilogy on both GameCube and Wii, isn’t attached to this new project. Trinen then