The BBC has announced it will soon begin airing live eSports coverage via BBC Three. The station made the announcement via Twitter over the weekend. For the first time ever, eSports are coming to the BBC Three m8. #bbcesports

Blizzard may tweak the way in which Overwatch competitive season quitters are dealt with in-game. Ask a competitive player what the worst part of an Overwatch season is and you’ll likely be told of quitters (well, that or those who don’t use

Battle Arena Melbourne returns for its ninth year this May. The event, taking place over 12-14 May, boast the first-ever Australian Premier event on the Capcom Pro tour. Players like Daigo (Japan), Infiltration (South Korea) and Xian (Singapore) will square

Street Fighter V‘s newest fighter, Kolin, was detailed today in a new video. Kolin, an NPC in Street Fighter III, featured undercover as Helen in Street Fighter V‘s single-player campaign. Now, she’s ready to kick some butt herself. Called “The Phantasm of

Speaking with Japanese magazine Famitsu (as translated by EventHubs), Street Fighter V‘s Yoshinori Ono has said Capcom plans to support the game into 2020. Ono stressed that Capcom’s goal is to “solidify Street Fighter V as an eSports title” in that time,

Street Fighter V used the Red Bull Battleground tournament to tease Akuma as an in-game playable character. You can see the tease below, courtesy YouTuber SupaAyshun: The PlayStation Experience, held in Anaheim, USA over 3-4 December, will feature a playable

Reddit users were pretty quick to point out that a recent Street Fighter V PC update accidentally opened up computers to backdoor attacks. A file named “Capcom.sys” was placed in an updated PC’s System32 folder, which could potentially open up

Who said Capcom isn’t in touch with gamers today? The publisher has recently officially adopted the name “Hot Ryu” in place of “Battle Costume Ryu”, a descriptor for one of the popular character’s costume sets. You know the one — it’s

Capcom has today advised that Street Fighter V‘s story mode will run at five hours long, incorporating all current and DLC characters. The story will “bridge the events that happen between” Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV, according to Capcom. Called “A Shadow

Capcom has taken to the Street Fighter Twitter account to confirm when the game’s next DLC character, Ibuki, will be available. We wanted to clear up the confusion around the release of Ibuki in #SFV. She will be released alongside Story

Capcom recently published a Q&A summary from its latest investor relations conference call, and it’s refreshingly honest. “We also possess a vast library of content in which there remains multiple IP that have not yet been utilized to their full

Australia’s largest fighting games tournament, Battle Arena Melbourne, is back for its eight consequtive year this weekend. Taking place of 13-15 May at CQ Functions, 123 Queen Street in Melbourne, the event boasts a Capcom Pro Tour Ranking event, Smash

Guile returns to Street Fighter V in the game’s free April update. Also available in-game is Guile’s Air Force Base stage, up for grabs for 70,000 FM. Those that have the game’s “Season Pass” will unlock the map for free. The update also

Capcom has taken to Street Fighter V‘s Twitter account to declare that a rage-quitting combat system will soon be implemented. There weren’t a lot of details shared, sadly. We’re planning to roll out a system this month that will address the

Capcom has taken to its blog to confirm that it has begun to punish players who are rage quitting inside Street Fighter V. The publisher says it is IDing players with very high disconnects and win rates and has begun sanctioning

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