The StarCraft II War Chest was formally unveiled over the weekend at StarCraft II WCS Valencia. Available from 20 July, 25% of the purchase price of the War Chest will go to support StarCraft II eSports, including StarCraft II WCS Australia and New Zealand. The chest

StarCraft II WCS ANZ Challenger 3 champion Sean ‘Probe’ Kempen has joined Legacy Esports, the club recently announced. Probe, who’s ranked 15th in the WCS Circuit, recently took home the Challenger 3 Crown at a live event in Sydney. “Having Sean join

Season 3 of the StarCraft II WCS ANZ Challenger series has come and gone as we crowned two players to represent our region over in WCS Valencia: Ethan ‘iaguz’ Zugai and Sean ‘Probe’ Kempen. As we look forward to Season 4

Recap: Part One | Part Two | Part Three After seven hours of frantic combat, our Grand Finalists were crowned. Sean ‘Probe’ Kempen and Ethan ‘iaguz’ Zugai had qualified for WCS Valencia and were a minimum $2,000 AUD richer. With

Recap: Part One | Part Two | Part Three The remainder of Saturday’s WCS ANZ Challenger Season 3 Winner’s Bracket was a continuing story of OSC-Root player domination. Teammates Sean ‘Probe’ Kempen and Ethan ‘iaguz’ Zugai had demolished the opposition

Recap: Part One | Part Two | Part Three After the trials and tribulations of the qualifying round, StarCraft fans converged in Sydney’s ESL Studios on Saturday for the live finals of WCS ANZ Season 3. With $10,000 AUD, a

Update: We’ll be updating this page to reflect match-ups throughout the day. Original story: The StarCraft II WCS ANZ Challenger 3 Finals are set to kick off at 11.00 am AEST on 24 June, and we’ve all the action for you right here. You

We have crowned eight contestants ahead of this weekend’s StarCraft II WCS ANZ Challenger 2017 season three finals action in Sydney. If you’re looking to find someone to cheer for during the main event, look no further. Players are presented in alphabetical

StarCraft II WSC ANZ Challenger 2017 Recaps: Last season | Season 3 (Part One) | Season 3 (Part Two) The bracket churned throughout the day and quickly crowned 5 of our 6 qualified players – Probe, NXZ, Meomaika, Crimson and MightyKiwi.

StarCraft II WSC ANZ Challenger 2017 Recaps: Last season | Season 3 (Part One) | Season 3 (Part Two) Season 3 of WCS ANZ Challenger 2017 started with a bang. The stakes are higher this season and players fought through an

StarCraft II WSC ANZ Challenger 2017 Recaps: Last season | Season 3 (Part One) | Season 3 (Part Two) This year has been action-packed and full of opportunity for our local talent in WCS. Last season we saw 16 players duking it

Twitch and Blizzard have partnered up to provide special in-game content for Twitch Prime subscribers. The two-year deal also extends livestreaming rights of select Blizzard eSports events to Twitch. “As the first part of this landmark license deal, Blizzard is licensing third-party

The StarCraft II WCS ANZ Challenger Season 3 finals are about to take place, and thanks to McDonald’s, we’ve got your only way into the ESL Australia Studios in Sydney to spectate. Kicking off on 24 June, the finals will pit the top 8

BlizzCon has wrapped up in Anaheim, USA, and in its wake are a number of new eSports Championship holders. Here are how BlizzCon’s various contests finished up: StarCraft II World Championship Series Global Finals: Winner: ByuN Hearthstone World Championship: Winner: Pavel (Russia), besting

The first mission pack of StarCraft II‘s “Nova Covert Ops” is now available. This mission is the first of three single-player packs where you play as Nova Terra. “As Nova, you’ll strategise against the Defenders of Man and help Emperor Valerian

Valentine’s Day weekend will feature the ANZ Finals of the StarCraft II World Championship Series. Said round features the top 16 competitors in Australia and New Zealand, including including WCS Premier players Petraeus, Iaguz, PiG (above) and NXZ, as finalists battle it