E3 2017 is almost underway, and we’ve got a listing of every title confirmed (or heavily rumoured) for show. Games with an asterisk (*) are of the rumoured variety. Each title should have a link to its tag on Stevivor

Preview: Sonic Mania

Sonic and I have a very rocky relationship. A Sega kid growing up, you can bet I was Team Sonic all the way when the daily playground argument of Sonic vs Mario came up. Those golden days are gone —

Sega has confirmed that Sonic Mania will also be available for the Nintendo Switch. Confirmed back in June 2016, the 2D title seems to take the franchise (yet again) back to its roots. Sonic Mania is expected in autumn 2017 on Nintendo Switch, Windows

Switch previews: Is it a day one purchase? | Is it worth upgrading from Wii U? I finished watching Nintendo’s recent Switch livestream with a weird mixture of excitement and disappointment that I’m sure many of you share. As a concept,

Sega used the San Diego Comic-Con to introduce two new Sonic properties. The first, Sonic Mania, celebrates 25 years of the franchise, bringing the beloved blue hedgehog back to 2D. Featuring 2D-style pixel art and limiting characters to Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, you