The Skylanders franchise is back with Imaginators, offering up a create-your-own hero alongside a new mystical power and a new way for Kaos to prove himself a fool. In this iteration, you’ll harness the mystical power of imagination. Kaos is

You know what March means — Switchmas! In addition to Nintendo’s latest console, we’ve a number of great games for PC, Xbox One, PS4, 3DS and Vita on the way. Here’s what to expect over March 2017 here in Australia*:

Switch previews: Is it a day one purchase? | Is it worth upgrading from Wii U? After three bustling hours hands-on, Nintendo has sold me on the Switch hardware – it’s a groundbreaking handheld system – but failed to impress with

EB Games’ website features Skylanders Imaginators‘ “Thumpin’ Wumpa Islands Adventure Pack”, a double pack featuring Crash Bandicoot‘s titular hero alongside the villainous Dr. Neo Cortex. We originally reported that the Crash Edition of Imaginators would be exclusive to Target at launch. While that may very

Polygon today reports that Skylanders: Imaginators will offer up the chance to 3D print characters. Available in the United States, a 3D print will cost $50 USD. Characters can also be custom printed on t-shirts for $25 USD, or $15 USD on

It’s time, boys and girls — all the big games, all the time. Welcome to the holiday 2016 season. There’s a lot here — PlayStation VR, big shooters, 3DS and Wii U games; you name it, you’ve got it. Here’s

Target has taken to Twitter to confirm that pre-orders for Skylanders Imaginators’ special Crash Bandicoot edition will be taken in-store later this week. @Targetaus Any news on the Skylanders Imaginators Crash Edition? May i pre-order yet? — Cortex's Aussy Pal

Crash Bandicoot will be joined by his nemesis Dr Neo Cortex in Skylanders: Imaginators. The regular antagonist will switch allegiances and fight alongside the Skylanders as mystic warrior able to summon the Uka Uka mask. Both Crash and Cortex will get figures, and there

Late last week, Aussie Toys to Life site Mon Amiibo reported that Skylanders Imaginators‘ Crash Bandicoot Edition would be exclusive to retailer Target here in the country. The site references an email, sent by the retailer, which confirms the PS4 Crash

Crash Bandicoot seems to have his own (non-functioning) tab on the Skylanders Imaginators‘ website, suggesting the character will be revealed at E3. Additionally, international Skylanders sites have update to include a (non-functional) "Crash" tab. — SCL Matt @ E3

Activision and Toys for Bob today announced Skylanders Imaginators, a new entry in the popular toys to life franchise that will let players create their own Skylanders heroes. Heading to Australia on 13 October, the UK on 14 October and