As a proud New South Welshman I have gained a high tolerance for disappointment over the last 12 years. The feeling of being so near yet so far so many times is great preparation for being a fan of digital

Rugby League Live 4 will head to consoles on July 28, with a PC release to follow. The news comes alongside a new trailer, shown below: The game’s PC release date was not yet confirmed. Expect Rugby League Live 4

The first look at Rugby League Live 4 gameplay is now available. The footage, first posted to Facebook, is available to watch below: Andrew Voss has been confirmed as an in-game commentator; in fact, the talent has said to expect the game in

The NRL has today confirmed that Rugby League Live 4 is in production for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The news confirms an earlier leak by commentator Andrew Voss. As you’d expect, Voss will provide commentary in-game. Rugby League Live 4 is

Sports Commentator Andrew Voss has taken to Twitter to out Rugby League Live 4, saying he’s been recording commentary for the game. Voss used the social media platform to indicate he’d been recording lines for the game both yesterday and today.