Update: It was removed, now it’s back. Go. GO! Original story: An AMAZING Resident Evil deal on Xbox One will net you six of the series’ titles for only $30. The Resident Evil Super Bundle, normally priced at $75.45 AUD, is now on sale for $30.18 AUD.

Celebrating 20 years of horror – in both the survival and action flavours – there’s no denying Resident Evil has made a great impact upon the gaming landscape. In a special series of articles, Stevivor will honour the iconic series

Capcom today confirmed that Resident Evil 0 HD will be available in mid-January. The publisher also announced pre-order bonuses for all systems except the Xbox 360. Those who pre-order will receive access to an exclusive costume pack, dressing Billy as a

A PC modder called Bunny has re-inserted Resident Evil‘s original voice acting into the recently-released Resident Evil HD. This means HD‘s A-grade graphics can now be accompanied by D-grade voice acting… which is exactly what franchise fans are after. You can grab the

Thanks to the overwhelming success of Resident Evil HD Capcom may continue to release remasters and remakes of older titles. Speaking with MCV UK Capcom Marketing Director Antoine Molant said that even though Resident Evil 0 HD was in development before Resident Evil HD

SuperData, a digital gaming analyst, alleges that Capcom is preparing the “next edition” of Resident Evil for spring 2015. “We anticipate this month’s downturn to level off during the coming few months, following a regular seasonal pattern but expect to see

Capcom confirmed today that Resident Evil HD, the 2015 remaster of a 2002 remake of a 1996 Playstation game, was their fastest selling digital title to date in North America and Europe, and has the highest first day sales of

Thanks to Capcom-Unity we’re aware of a massive sale across nearly every digital Resident Evil title available in the North American PlayStation Store. There’s up to 75% off titles with the only games not included in the sale being Resident Evil HD Remaster and the upcoming Resident Evil:

Make no mistake: I’m a die-hard Resident Evil fan. I thought Operation Raccoon City was a steaming pile of shit… but on the other hand, I found a special place in my heart to ignore most of the weirdness that

Undecided on whether or not Resident Evil HD’s re-remake is worth it? We’ve got the first minutes of the game on PS4 to help you out. Check it out below: https://youtu.be/jE3K16vwSQM What did you think? I was really missing a

Capcom has confirmed that those who pre-order Resident Evil HD will get the title as cross-buy between the PS3 and PS4. In Europe, where the game isn’t available for pre-order, the title will be offered as a cross-buy option for its

Capcom’s Resident Evil re-re-make is now available for pre-order on Xbox One and PS4. Moreover, Capcom also released the game’s requirements on Windows PC. They’re below. Minimum System Requirements: OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @

Capcom today confirmed that the Resident Evil (re-)remake will be available in mid-January on a variety of consoles. This means we’ll be able to liberate the Arklay Mansion ahead of Resident Evil: Revelations 2′s release — or rather, its first

Capcom has released a second developer diary for Resident Evil HD and in it Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi discusses the changes to the game’s visuals. Hirabayashi walks us through what’s been changed and how the team have harnessed the power of newer

In a 10-minute video interview with Game Informer Resident Evil Revelation 2 Producer Michiteru Okabe and Resident Evil HD Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi discussed the future of Resident Evil and in particular if the series could become annualised. Okabe — speaking through a translator — said

Variety reports that a Resident Evil series may be in development by the same company that handles the current movie franchise. German production company Constantin Films appears ready to launch a television series following the final planned film, Resident Evil: