Thanks to the folks at Universal Sony Australia, Stevivor’s got an amazing Resident Evil: Vendetta prize pack to give away to a very lucky reader! This pack is a must-have for any Resident Evil fan, offering the chance to delve deep into the franchise’s lore

Update: It was removed, now it’s back. Go. GO! Original story: An AMAZING Resident Evil deal on Xbox One will net you six of the series’ titles for only $30. The Resident Evil Super Bundle, normally priced at $75.45 AUD, is now on sale for $30.18 AUD.

Updated story: The demo is now available for download here. Enjoy! Original story: A playable demo for Resident Evil 3.5 Recreation, (aka Code Madman), a fan-made project by ShiguWorks, will soon be released to end users. The demo, available in a couple hours

Not satisfied with the immersion of virtual reality, Capcom and its partners are amping it up for Resident Evil 7. First, a “4D” candle with “foisty, old timber and blood” scents will soon be available for pre-order through Merchoid. “The virtual

Major Nelson has just posted this week’s Xbox Deals with Gold, offering up discounts to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Here’s what’s on sale, with an asterisk (*) denoting sales available to anyone: Xbox One Battle Ages – City of Gems

Stevivor’s Steve Wright appeared on the You Game Bro? podcast last night to talk all things Star Trek, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy XV and more. You can listen to the episode below: Download: Direct link Subscribe: iTunes If you’d rather watch

Capcom has today advised that recent, HD re-releases of Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 have shipped more than 1.5 million units across the world. Resident Evil 6 was first re-released in March, Resident Evil 5 in June and Resident Evil 4 in

Another generation of consoles means another attempt by Capcom to dip into your wallet and sell you yet another iteration of Resident Evil 4. Should you take the plunge on a copy on Xbox One or PS4? The answer is a

Like recent re-releases of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 will have the same Achievements and Trophies as RE4 HD on last-gen. The game’s PS4 Trophy list has been released, and mirrors the game’s PS3 release. Trophies are as follows: A

Capcom has recently released a couple videos of Resident Evil 4 current-gen gameplay. Available at the end of the month, you can check out the re-re-re-release in action below: Resident Evil 4 will be (re-)available from 30 August.

Resident Evil 4‘s latest re-release clocks in as a 10.60GB download on Xbox One. The game, due for release on 30 August, recently became available for pre-order and pre-download. Set at $24.95 AUD, you’re able to grab it on the

The last of Capcom’s planned Resident Evil re-releases — apart from Resident Evil 2 that is, currently in development — is now available for pre-order ahead of a release at the end of the month. Resident Evil 4 will soon join RE5 and RE6 on current-gen consoles.

Capcom has taken to its blog to detail the re-release of Resident Evil 4. The base game, plus Separate Ways, Assignment: Ada and the Mercenaries will be included in the package. Resident Evil 4 heads to Xbox One and PS4 on 30 August.

Celebrating 20 years of horror – in both the survival and action flavours – there’s no denying Resident Evil has made a great impact upon the gaming landscape. In a special series of articles, Stevivor will honour the iconic series

Capcom today released its financial results for the 2015 fiscal year, and in doing so, announced a Resident Evil “full-scale offensive” for early 2017. The publisher said Umbrella Corps, a Resident Evil-themed shooter planned for 21 June, is only a “warm up” for said

Capcom has today announced that it will re-release Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 on current-gen consoles this year. Resident Evil 6 and all of its DLC leads the pack on 29 March, followed by Resident Evil 5 in the winter and 4 after that. The games