An in-depth look at the romance options available in the Mass Effect franchise has revealed that gay males have, by far, the least number of possible pairings. Data gathered by Nic Watt, gay male Founder and Creative Director at the Sydney-based Nnooo

Mafia III has been updated to offer a free demo to potential players alongside its first batch of paid DLC. The demo, available now, will let players transfer progress to the main game if they decide to purchase it. In terms

Two new Minecraft skin packs bring a host of Power Rangers content into the game. The Power Rangers (including Tommy, the Green Ranger), Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, Goldar, Bulk and Skull are now available thanks to free content updates. You can

According to Senior Level Designer Tomasz Pruski, the team at CI Games aims to redefine the IP and sniping genre with Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. Yet, playing a preview build last month – and with scant time left until its release in

Destiny‘s final live event, Age of Triumph, is now available to all Guardians with the “Rise of Iron” expansion on Xbox One and PS4. A celebration of all things Destiny, ahead of developer Bungie’s reveal of Destiny 2 later this week, Age

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series will debut in mid-April, developer Telltale Games today confirmed. Players can expect the first episode, “Tangled Up in Blue” from 18 April on Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4, iOS and Android. The

A Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League is currently being evaluated internally at Psyonix, the developer has confirmed. “Just like all the other platforms, we are evaluating it,” Psyonix’s Jeremy Dunham told IGN. “We’re looking to see what the technical requirements

Destiny 2 has today been teased by a new video ahead of a proper reveal promised for Thursday. You can watch the teaser, called “Last Call” for obvious reasons, below: Nice to see Nathan Fillion reprising his role as Exo Hunter

Developer Red Barrels has said an Alpha version of Outlast 2 led to its first refusal of classification by the Australian Classification Board. “The original submission of Outlast 2 sent to the Australian Classification Branch contained the final game code

Final Fantasy XV today receives new content in the form of a revised 13th chapter and new DLC, “Episode Gladiolus”. The revised 13th chapter is available now, for free, and can be played from the game’s main menu. Running roughly

Destiny 2 has been officially announced by developer Bungie via Twitter this morning. We’ve already known about the title — Bungie’s already confirmed what will and what won’t carry over from Destiny into its sequel — but the announcement has been made all

For those wanting to use advanced controls within Old Time Hockey without having to first complete its Story mode, we’ve a way. Turns out, the good ol’ Konami code can be used at the game’s title screen to unlock the extra control

Old Time Hockey’s Karthik Venkateshan has told Stevivor the initial difficulty of the game’s Story mode “was a hard choice and an experiment of sorts”. “We really wanted to try something different and deliver a classic sports narrative where you are put

Ah, 70s bush league hockey — a time when players didn’t need helmets, nor teeth, and craved a beer on the bench as much as a fight on the ice. For most teams, practice consisted of simply showing up to

The Overwatch Pacific Championship will launch its inaugural season in Taiwan, Blizzard Entertainment today announced. Elite teams from all over Asia Pacific will duke it up in Taipei, with a prize pool of approximately $357,000 AUD up for grabs. Beginning on

Nioh‘s 1.06 update now lets users pause the game, under certain circumstances at least. “Pressing the Options button in the status menu will not pause the game,” Nioh‘s patch notes read, though they also stipulate the feature is “unable to