Review: Eagle Flight

Virtual reality games need mandatory demos. Developers have not yet mastered techniques to avoid motion sickness and publishers are charging such a premium for VR games that throwing cash down for anything you aren’t 100% sure won’t leave you retching

We may already know what the true ending to Resident Evil 7’s demo is, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to uncover. Turns out, the ghost giggles and murder sites we encountered in our play through are quite important.

At the end of today’s Resident Evil 7 demo update teaser, it was revealed that PlayStation players will have first access to a piece of the game’s DLC. Titled, “Banned Footage”, the DLC will be available first on PlayStation. Resident Evil 7

The Resident Evil 7 demo will get its final update today, this time for PS4 and PlayStation VR. This will mark the first time the core demo will be playable in VR outside of trade shows, though the separate Kitchen demo

Sony’s annual PlayStation Experience is about to kick off in California early next month, and we’ve got all the details Australians need to know about the event. Panels Sony’s got a number of panels planned, including three that are being

December’s here, and that means one important thing: an update to the Resident Evil 7 demo. As promised in one of Capcom’s RE7 teaser videos, the update is scheduled for sometime this month: With the PlayStation Experience event taking place this weekend,

Capcom Europe has let outlets loose into Resident Evil 7‘s wilds, and as a result we have a bunch of gameplay videos to show you. You can check out (mostly spoiler-free) impressions from IGN, GamesRadar and Eurogamer, all below. Getting excited

Research firm SuperData has said that virtual reality is 2016’s “biggest loser” in terms of sales thus far. Speaking with GamesIndustry, SuperData said that a “relatively fragmented title lin-up and modest marketing effort” has hampered VR sales. As such, the

Stevivor’s Steve Wright appeared on the You Game Bro? podcast last night to talk all things Star Trek, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy XV and more. You can listen to the episode below: Download: Direct link Subscribe: iTunes If you’d rather watch

Ubisoft took to the Ubiblog today to announce that its virtual reality offerings will support cross-platform play. From today, Eagle Flight will support cross-platform play between PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. Additional VR titles — including Werewolves Within and Star Trek: Bridge

The aptly named RIG 4VR is Plantronics’ PlayStation VR-focused headset, offering 3D sound from a package designed to fit around the PS VR headset itself. It’s just a shame Plantronics’ engineers forgot to design cups that fit around those with Dumbo

RIGS: Mechanised Combat League is set to receive a big — and free — December update. Here’s what to expect: New APX Rigs: Faster and more agile than the standard chassis types, APX Rigs will have a lower armor rating to

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Update: NBA 2K17 virtual reality support has now been confirmed by 2K. The support is available on PS4 with PlayStation VR, PC with HTC Vive and on mobile with Samsung Gear VR. Support begins later today. “Our team consistently looks for

Star Wars: Battlefront will see two new sets of content in December. The game’s VR experience will be available from 6 December, using none other than PS VR. The download will be free to anyone owning the base game. Later,

One constant of the Carnival Games franchise is it embraces new methods of control. Carnival Games was there for the debut of Wii, Kinect and 3DS, the only new control scheme it shunned was the ill-fated Move. It shouldn’t be