Fox recently announced that Alien: Covenant will receive a virtual reality experience, tied into the film of the same name, on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. “Viewers will discover the true meaning of terror as they navigate through horrifying alien

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul took to Twitter today to show off a brief stint of gameplay. You can check it out below: Here you go! A VERY VERY small @PAVRGAME gameplay clip. more to come. @UnrealEngine @htcvive @PlayStation @oculus @AMD

The recent Resident Evil 7 data mine, coupled with information from Biohazard France, has revealed that references to at least three characters in the Resident Evil franchise exist in the coming game. Spoilers ahead. First, a newspaper article referencing the disappearance of citizens in the Dulvey

Update: ThisGenGaming has posted a post-game stats screen which suggests it can be completed in ten hours. The image, below, also contains information pertaining to the number of collectible items found in-game. Proceed at your own risk. Our own playthrough reveals

Data miners have hit paydirt with Resident Evil 7‘s Steam demo, uncovering a ton of new details in the core game itself. This is your last spoiler warning — read at your own risk. Weapons The following weapons have been found in

If you’re here, we’re thinking it’s because you’re the proud new owner of a PS4, PS4 Pro or PlayStation VR. Congratulations! For your reading pleasure, here are several links that’ll get you started with your new best friend. The console

Hot on the heels of news it has closed all but two of its studios, Crytek has announced that Robinson: The Journey will soon head to Oculus Rift. Available in January, Robinson is a virtual reality title that places you in the

The Resident Evil franchise has had an identity crisis in recent years. Resident Evil 4 and 5 shifted to action-based gameplay and 6 took this even further, presenting blockbuster set pieces that completely abandoned the isolating sense of paranoia the series was

BioWare’s Michael Gamble, Producer on Mass Effect: Andromeda, told Stevivor that a virtual reality add-on isn’t planned for the game. This year, titles like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Star Wars: Battlefront added free VR experiences to those with compatible headsets —

Our Stevivor Game of the Year debate was lukewarm to the prospect of a winner in the “Best VR” category. There are some cool experiences and some really solid games available, but nothing that has those yet to buy a

The best part about Robinson: The Journey is that it’s not a standard virtual reality experience that leaves you standing in one spot, flailing your arms (I’m looking at you, The Martian VR, for being the worst example of this

Review: Eagle Flight

Virtual reality games need mandatory demos. Developers have not yet mastered techniques to avoid motion sickness and publishers are charging such a premium for VR games that throwing cash down for anything you aren’t 100% sure won’t leave you retching

We may already know what the true ending to Resident Evil 7’s demo is, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to uncover. Turns out, the ghost giggles and murder sites we encountered in our play through are quite important.

At the end of today’s Resident Evil 7 demo update teaser, it was revealed that PlayStation players will have first access to a piece of the game’s DLC. Titled, “Banned Footage”, the DLC will be available first on PlayStation. Resident Evil 7

The Resident Evil 7 demo will get its final update today, this time for PS4 and PlayStation VR. This will mark the first time the core demo will be playable in VR outside of trade shows, though the separate Kitchen demo

Sony’s annual PlayStation Experience is about to kick off in California early next month, and we’ve got all the details Australians need to know about the event. Panels Sony’s got a number of panels planned, including three that are being