Sony today confirmed that Farpoint, its very own virtual reality shooter, will head to PS4 and PlayStation VR in May. The first-person shooter “transports you to a distant alien world where you’ll need to contend with hostile lifeforms and hazardous

PlayStation VR horror game Here They Lie has bucked the trend of games patching in VR support, by doing it backwards. Here They Lie launched as a PS4 VR exclusive in October, requiring the headset to be played. Developer Tangentlemen has

DiRT Rally is now compatible with PlayStation VR through paid DLC on PS4. The entire game can be played in virtual reality, and the DLC introduces a new co-op mode, allowing a second player to act as a co-driver giving directions

Update: Despite earlier reports, Capcom has confirmed DLC will be available on Xbox One and Windows PC from 21 February. Original story: Capcom has today confirmed details of Resident Evil 7‘s DLC packs. The first DLC pack, “Banned Footage Vol. 1” is

Resident Evil 7‘s second piece of DLC, “Banned Footage Vol. 2” is today available on PS4, and we’ve got a list of its new Achievements and Trophies. Here’s what to expect: Eye in the Sky (Bronze Trophy or 20 gamerscore):

Star Trek: Bridge Crew has once again been delayed, with publisher Ubisoft telling Trek fans the game will now be released in May. Strangely, the delay has been attributed to the addition of additional content in the form of The Original Series‘ U.S.S.

Redditor danhorus has devised a rather clever way to play Resident Evil 7 in VR on PC. All it takes is Google Cardboard, an Android phone and a bunch of patience. It’s all explained below: Resident Evil 7 on Google Cardboard

Do you actually own and watch 3D Blu-rays? Well good news! You’ll soon be able to watch them through PlayStation VR. The 3D fad has largely come and gone — the flimsy 3D glasses relegated to a box somewhere are already

Capcom’s Resident Evil site has confirmed that 931,232 people are using the tracking service whilst playing Resident Evil 7, and 9.48% of those players – 88,289, to be exact — are playing using PlayStation VR on PS4. Those collective players

Ace Combat 7, already confirmed for PS4 and PS VR, will also head to Xbox One and Windows PC, Bandai Namco today confirmed. The title is expected on all three platforms sometime this year, though a specific release date was

The Resident Evil franchise is like the bio-organic weapons it features: undead, constantly stumbling toward consumers even though it has taken many shots to the chest. Resident Evil 6 was rock bottom, with developer Capcom hoping a wide variety of

Capcom has confirmed the download sizes for both Xbox One and PS4 versions of Resident Evil 7. On PS4, the title will take 20.7GB of hard drive space, and 20.21GB over on Xbox One. PC sizing hasn’t been confirmed, but you’ll

Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 has become the first third-party title to enter into Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere scheme. That means gamers can buy the title once and be able to play it across both Xbox One and Windows PC. Xbox Play Anywhere

Want to see what Trophies and Achievements lie in wait within Resident Evil 7? Look no further. Here’s what you can earn playing the first-person horror title, out 24 January on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. She’s Alive (Bronze) –

DiRT Rally, the co-winner of Stevivor’s Sports or Racing Game of the Year 2016, will soon be supported by PlayStation VR. Codemasters today announced that a standalone DLC upgrade priced at $19.45 AUD will be available “in the coming weeks.”

Not satisfied with the immersion of virtual reality, Capcom and its partners are amping it up for Resident Evil 7. First, a “4D” candle with “foisty, old timber and blood” scents will soon be available for pre-order through Merchoid. “The virtual