PS4 titles like Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us: Remastered will soon be playable on PC via Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming service. Sony took to the PlayStation Blog to announce that PlayStation Now — a subscription-based service available on PS4 and

A new FAQ, alongside social media, has answered a bunch of questions surrounding Microsoft’s new Xbox Game Pass subscription service. First, the scheme won’t be worldwide at launch. Instead, Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Game Pass will be available in

Sony today advised that their pay-per-rental backwards compatibility service, PlayStation Now, is soon heading to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV in North America. Five new titles were also added to the service, including God of War III, Dynasty Warriors 8, MX vs.

Sony today confirmed that the PlayStation Now streaming service will begin a trial in the UK shortly. Those who wish to take part can register for the trial here. Priority will be given to PlayStation Plus members. The trial will

Sony has announced that five games will be added to its PlayStation Now streaming subscription service. The added games include Infamous 2, Twisted Metal,R-Type Dimensions, Alone in the Dark: Inferno and Operation Flashpoint: Red River. The new games join existing like Uncharted: Drake’s

PlayStation Now, Sony’s game-streaming service, will offer one- or three-month subscriptions from the middle of January. From 13 January, those in the US and Canada can use the streaming service for $19.99 USD/CAD for one month or $44.99 USD/CAD for

At Gamescom, Sony announced that their PlayStation Now streaming service will head to Europe in 2015. A beta will take place before a proper release, Sony also confirmed. PlayStation Now is currently available in the USA and Canada. The service has been

PlayStation Now’s open beta heads to all gamers in the USA and Canada today, but remains heavily criticised over its high cost. To combat this, Sony’s Jack Buser said a subscription model for the service is “definitely something in the

The PlayStation Now streaming service, currently in a closed beta in North America, has had some more titles added to those you can rent. New titles include Catherine, Darksiders, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Ben 10: Onmiverse, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and Saints Row 2. Good

Sony announced that residents of the United States and Canada will be able to enter the open beta for PlayStation Now from 31 July on PlayStation 4. The beta will come to PS3 and Vita sometime after with selected Sony

PlayStation Now — Sony’s streaming games service — is currently in private beta in North America. One beta tester has taken off-screen footage which gives an indication of how long games take to load and how smoothly the service will run.

On the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced that the PlayStation Now beta would be extended to the PlayStation 4 starting 20 May (North American time). Those who have signed up for the beta may soon receive a code for the PS4

Sony’s streaming subscription service, PlayStation Now, will launch with “hundreds of titles” available for rental and full-game streaming when it launches in North America later this year. PlayStation Now Marketing Specialist Todd Liss spoke with IGN about the service during a closed

Sony’s game streaming service for the PS4, PlayStation Now, is currently in a closed beta in North America, but IGN has discovered that along with a range of new games a tentative rental system has been added to the service.