Persona 5 is a little bit closer to western localisation, with Atlus today announcing the game’s English voice cast. Here’s who’ll feature in the localised version of the title: Xander Mobus as the protagonist Cassandra Morris as Morgana Max Mittelman

Persona 5 is now available in Japan, and has come with a bunch of launch day goodies. First, a free piece of day one DLC, called “Recovery Items Set”, was gifted to those who purchased the game. Moreover, the game

Two new videos from Persona 5 show off very different elements of the game. Both are in Japanese, but that doesn’t stop you from watching. First, a daily task of fishing: Next up, combat, complete with personas: Persona 5 heads to

YouTube users dominationkid w. and K Eung have taken it upon themselves to insert English subs on a variety of Persona 5 videos. They’re all below for your viewing pleasure. Persona 5 heads to PS3 and PS4 on 15 September 2016 in Japan, and

Atlus today released Persona 5‘s opening animation. Check it out below: Heroes. Villains. Figure skating on a freeway. What’s not to love? Persona 5 heads to PS3 and PS4 on 15 September 2016 in Japan, and in western countries from 14

Persona 5 heads to Japan in September, and to celebrate, some amazing gameplay was just shown off. Check it out, below: Nice, right? Persona 5 is a PS4 exclusive. A western release date has yet to be set.

2016 will be a good year to game. We’ve myriad titles in the pipeline for next year, and what better time is it than to highlight some of them now? January The first of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Chronicles titles, India,

More details about Persona 5’s characters and their Personas were released over the weekend, revealing a theme centered around famous thieves. A fifth character, Yusuke Kitagawa, joins the roster with his Persona Goemon, named after a Robin Hood-type character from Japanese

Sad news today for Persona fans: Persona 5 has been delayed into 2016. Atlus advised the game has been delayed so it “lives up to the expectations of fans.” A TGS trailer for Persona 5 was also released: An exact release window was provided.

Atlus has announced Persona Special Stage for the Tokyo Game Show. According to the Persona Channel the event is set for 19 September and will feature performances by Shihoko Hirata, DJ WAKAYumi Kawamura and Lotus Juice. It’s likely that Atlus will use the event to

Previously only confirmed for 2015 in Japan, Atlus has today confirmed that North America will also get Persona 5 this year. That means those of us here in Australia look on track for a 2015 release as well. Atlus made

Atlus has posted a new Japanese trailer for Persona 5 on its YouTube channel, showing new characters, the game’s menu and even a glimpse at some dungeons. The trailer follows the main character through what appears to be a normal day,

At the PlayStation Experience event held over last weekend it was confirmed that Persona 5 will be heading to western audiences next year. We don’t have a date, but at least the game has been confirmed on PS3 and PS4

Bad news from Japan Persona fans. Atlus announced at Sony’s press conference today that Persona 5 is delayed and won’t be releasing in the region until 2015. Last November, Persona 5 was announced as coming to PS3 in Japan in summer 2014. With the bitter news

Atlus’ parent company, Index Corporation, registered the domain on 25 June. Now, Index and Atlus could just be protecting their IP for a time when Team Persona is developing Persona 5… or, you can get super hopeful and just