SCUF and Microsoft have teamed up to present an Xbox Design Lab-like experience for the Xbox One Elite controller. The service allows for customisation of the Elite controller, including customised faceplates, buttons, trim and colouring. Prices start at $149.95 USD,

Maul Cosplay is offering up a Witcher 3 cosplay calendar which is nothing short of perfect. The calendar, self-professed as with a “high nipple rate”, is available for purchase here. Some of those nipples include those of Maul, aka Ben, and you

Overwatch‘s latest webcomic, in which — spoilers — Tracer is outed as the franchise’s first queer character, has been blocked from view in Russia. The comic has been removed from view in the country in accordance with its Purpose of Protecting

BioWare has announced it will begin giving away five holiday-themed freebies all throughout the remainder of December. First up is a plush Krogan doll from the Mass Effect universe. Day 1: A pure plush Krogan from @TeamSanshee. RT for a chance

Blizzard today outed the first (of potentially many) queer character(s) in Overwatch. Tracer, perhaps the most visible of Overwatch’s varied heroes, was shown kissing another woman named Emily in the recently released webcomic, “Reflections“. Best yet, fellow team member Winston

According to the publisher, Ecco the Dolphin series creator Ed Annunziata and SEGA have made nice and settled pending litigation surrounding the IP. According to the publisher, Annunziata and SEGA have “amicably resolved the pending litigation… in the San Francisco Superior Court” late

FIFA 17‘s 12 days of FUTmas is once again upon us, with free Ultimate Team items being gifted to players. Taking place over 16-28 December, you can expect quite a bit form the holiday-themed event. “New this year, from Dec 16th

Speaking with Stevivor, 343 Industries’ Bonnie Ross said that Halo Wars 2 signifies the franchise’s renewed commitment to PC and its players. “We want to be really deliberate, and that’s actually why we lead with Halo Wars 2,” Ross said of the franchise and its

Battlefield 1 developer DICE has taken to a new blog post to detail the game’s first expansion, “They Shall Not Pass”. Introducing the French Army into the popular shooter, the expansion will focus on the story of the garrison of Fort

Microsoft is now offering Xbox Design Lab Digital Codes via the Microsoft Store, enabling custom controllers to be given as holiday gifts. For $89.98 USD, purchasers can gift a code, letting a favourite gamer design their own controller. Said controller will be

Roughly nine years ago Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare was released into the wild. Making the switch from the historical battles of World War II to the military technology and weaponry of present day, the already popular COD series became

You might not have heard, but Forza Horizon 3 is set in Australia. That’s right, our very own land of football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars. While I can tell a Commodore from a Falcon and Skaifey from Lowndsey,

If Aussies head over to the Xbox Design Lab — Microsoft’s new build-your-own controller website, it politely tells you to come back another time. You know, when the feature is available in the country. The thing is, it’s pretty easy

There’s no way around it: I bought a Nintendo 3DS – and a Circle Pad Pro – for Resident Evil: Revelations. Since finishing the game, my 3DS has relegated to StreetPass collection, and I literally have no idea where I

Review: Far Cry 3

In a market seemingly populated entirely by macho men shooters, Far Cry 3 is a mature breath of fresh air, not only for game design and innovation, but also for the series in which it takes place. Right from the get-go, Far

Not to make any fun of my Australian brethren, but the “Aussie” way of pronouncing the third word in Activision’s cash cow franchise’s title is almost literal; “doody”. Despite having a two in the title, Black Ops II is in fact