Crackdown 3 is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, offering cross-play and cross-saves across Windows 10 PC and Xbox One. The confirmation was made by the game’s official Twitter account. Crackdown 3 will indeed be a Play Anywhere title! — Crackdown

A new piece of Far Cry 5 artwork paints a pretty picture of what players should expect. In it, and as seen in full below, a number of characters are portrayed in the style of DaVinci’s The Last Supper, with a church

Micro Machines: World Series‘ second gameplay trailer has today been released by Codemasters. The trailer, below, is all about the thrill of the race. “For the first time in a Micro Machines game, every car has its own entirely distinct

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will go live on 6 June, ZeniMax Online Studios yesterday announced. In Australia, servers will be accessible from 7.00pm AEST on 6 June. A maintenance period is planned prior to this time to prepare servers for the

Fallout 4 will offer a chance to go free-to-play this weekend on both Xbox One and Windows PC via Steam. Bethesda announced the news today, adding that those on Xbox One will require a Gold subscription to take part in the

Microsoft versus Sony, Battlefield versus Call of Duty and Forza versus Gran Turismo. These are some of the rivalries that can get people talking about console wars. “Game On or Game Over” is your place to get inside the minds

Get Even has been delayed in the wake of the Manchester terror arrack, Bandai Namco today confirmed. “Given recent events and out of respect we have decided to postpone the commercial release of Get Even to June 23rd,” Bandai Namco

Rugby 18 was today confirmed for an October release by Eko Software, Bigben Interactive and Maximum Games. The title will feature a host of European clubs, including England’s Premiership Rugby clubs and France’s TOP 14 teams. “As a huge sports fan, being able to work

Destiny 2 will be world-building without Grimoire Cards, Bungie recently confirmed. In the original Destiny, Grimoire Cards were obtained through kills, exploration and victories in Strikes and Raids. Cards were weighted by a scored value, and that combined score was displayed alongside a

Want to hear about Destiny 2 straight from the horse’s mouth? Bungie has you covered. Its latest developer diary covers the new story, new abilities and much more. Check it out: Nice, right? Destiny 2 gameplay is everywhere at the moment

Far Cry 5 will take place in Hope County, Montana, a new teaser trailer today confirms. The trailer, below, looks to be the same one shot in Montana and intended for the Far Cry franchise, as reported last week. The trailer also confirms the

LawBreakers will be available on PS4, with further enhancements on PS4 Pro, developer Boss Key Productions today confirmed. “The game is coming to PlayStation 4,” Boss Key’s Cliff Bleszinski told Stevivor in a recent interview. “Hearing those words tumble out

Twin Peaks. Its impact upon popular culture is immense, from carefully plotted, serialised storytelling to cryptic references in other television shows, movies and of course, video games. With the series’ revitalisation heading to small screens across the world later today,

Style vs substance. Function vs flair. The balancing act between how a product looks and what it’s designed to do can often be a tricky one. Too much bling can be seen as a camouflage to conceal a products failings.

Prey‘s latest patch, 1.02, has opened up a new wait to exploit recycling systems. The new glitch will take one item and magically change it into 48. To accomplish this, you need to put less than 1.00 of an item

Since the Destiny 2 announcement trailer, I’ve been convinced I know where the first Raid will be held: the Tower. Nothing would have more impact than fighting Ghaul — or Gary if you prefer — in the flaming remains of the