Old Time Hockey is targeting an August release on Xbox One, developer V7 Entertainment today confirmed. The announcement was made over Twitter. #OTH XB1 fans – we have a build nearly ready for Microsoft submission and we are targeting an early

For those wanting to use advanced controls within Old Time Hockey without having to first complete its Story mode, we’ve a way. Turns out, the good ol’ Konami code can be used at the game’s title screen to unlock the extra control

Ah, 70s bush league hockey — a time when players didn’t need helmets, nor teeth, and craved a beer on the bench as much as a fight on the ice. For most teams, practice consisted of simply showing up to

A pre-release patch for Old Time Hockey has addressed a number of issues including player input lag. The patch, available ahead of the game’s release on PC and PS4, does the following: Input delays when gaining control of the puck have

Stevivor has the first two games of Old Time Hockey‘s Story mode to share with readers today. Featuring the beleaguered Schuylkill Hinto Brews, you can check out the action below: What do you think of Old Time Hockey? It’s certainly got an

Old Time Hockey will feature players with their own stats, but team selection is ultimately more important, developer V7 told Stevivor. “Players all have their own stats and there is definitely some variance,” said Director Karthik Venkateshan. “But we have had

While developer V7 Entertainment says Old Time Hockey is more Slap Shot than NHL ’94, that doesn’t mean it’s lacking the cheesy goals found in the latter. We sat down with V7’s Mike Torillo to discuss the possibility of easy

Despite a marketing campaign heavy on references to EA’s NHL ’94, V7 Entertainment’s Karthik Venkateshan told Stevivor that its game, Old Time Hockey, “should be viewed more as a complementary product rather than a substitute.” While it’s hard to deny

V7 Entertainment today announced that Old Time Hockey will head to Windows PC and PS4 in March, followed by later releases on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Alongside the game’s 28 March release date on PC and PS4, a full list

The Old Time Hockey Twitter account has recently posted biographies for three teams that will be playable in-game. We present to you now the Portage Lake Widowmakers, the Cascadia Timber Cats and the Fort Edward Bluenosers. Portage Lake Widowmakers – WHERE

Three new screenshots have been released for the upcoming Old Time Hockey. You can check them out below, via Twitter: Some updated screenshots! New teams in the mix! Stay tuned! pic.twitter.com/081xClj56M — Old Time Hockey (@OldTimeHockeyV7) January 6, 2017 We’re loving

Developer V7 Entertainment has today announced Old Time Hockey, an NHL 94-esque affair that wants to reflect upon the good ol’ days. V7 Director, Karthik Venkateshan, says the title counts the aforementioned NHL 94 alongside Blades of Steel, NBA Jam and Tecmo Bowl as inspirations. Those past