Oculus’ virtual reality Touch controllers will be released in December for $199 USD, the company today announced. The controllers, available from 6 December, will also be bundled with games VR Sports Challenge and The Unspoken. Stevivor used Oculus Touch controllers as

As part of an Oculus event today, the company lowered minimum specs to use the Rift headset alongside the announcement of a new Oculus-ready PC called… well, Oculus Ready. First, here are the new minimum specs required for Oculus Rift:

A post on the PlayStation Europe Facebook page suggests that both games will have timed platform exclusivity for up to a year. While the post specifically states that Resident Evil 7‘s VR component will be a PlayStation VR exclusive throughout 2017. Capcom declined

The Mirror (via FenixBazaar) has recently reported that VR gaming headsets, such as the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive or PlayStation VR, could potentially cause short-sightedness in users. “With virtual reality headsets about to experience a real boom, we are

Speaking with MCV, Sega’s Jurgen Post said Alien: Isolation may get full VR support. VR has caught the whole company’s attention,” Post said. “We have a lot of VR kits in the office and people are playing with it. We are

Alienware PC Development and Planning Manager, Joe Olmsted, has told Engadget that VR rigs will be to 2016 what the Nintendo Wii was to 2006. “I don’t know if you remember but ten years ago it was hard to get

2K today announced its first virtual reality (VR) title: Carnival Games VR. A collection of mini-games, Carnival Games VR will be available in October on HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, followed by a later release on Oculus Rift. The game

When it comes to sci-fi franchise virtual reality (VR) offerings at Gamescom, I can wholeheartedly assert that Star Trek: Bridge Crew easily kicked Star Wars: Battlefront: Rogue One X-Wing VR Mission’s ass. Not just because of the games’ names, either.

Ubisoft today confirmed release dates for its three big virtual reality (VR) titles —Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Eagle Flight and Werewolves Within. Eagle Flight hits store shelves first in October, available for the Oculus Rift on 18 October. It then heads to the

Eagle Flight, the virtual reality exclusive from Ubisoft Montreal, will be one of the most popular of the 50 games available in the PlayStation VR launch period for its accessibility. It’s not the Wii Sports of the technology – no single

Ubisoft used its E3 press conference to detail Star Trek: Bridge Crew. Check out the game — featuring Star Trek‘s LeVar Burton, Jeri Ryan and Karl Urban — below: We’ve a couple screenshots from the game to share with you: We’ll

Ubisoft today detailed Eagle Flight in conjunction with Oculus. The VR-based title will offer up the experience of flight. Check it out: What do you think? Eagle Flight will be available on all VR platforms.

The (American) ABC today reports that Ubisoft will detail a Star Trek VR bridge simulator at E3. Called Star Trek: Bridge Crew, and developed by Red Storm Entertainment, the virtual reality game will place you and three friends on the

The Australian Financial Review today reports that Melbourne’s Zero Latency is set to open a similar virtual reality (VR) zombie experience in Tokyo. Zero Latency’s tech will power VR headsets in a permanent warehouse-sized VR centre in Tokyo through a

The Detroit Red Wings are using the Oculus Rift to help season ticket holders select their seats at their new stadium, the Little Caesar’s Arena. Every Red Wings full season ticket holder can head to the District Detroit Preview Center

Oculus has today patched an exploit that allowed for Rift games to be played using an HTC Vive. “Our latest software update included several new features, bug fixes and security upgrades, including an update to our entitlement check that we added