Metroid: Samus Returns may very well be the first time a bunch of Nintendo fans will play Samus as she was originally conceived, ditching first-person shooting and Smash Bros. antics for difficult, side-scrolling mayhem. From the hour of hands-on time

A new Splatoon 2 datamine has shed light on a number of potential new maps and weapons. The datamine, detailed on Reddit here, may indicate new content or could simply be remnants of items that were not used in the final

NBA 2K18 will support amiibo, a new Japanese listing declares. The game’s Japanese MyNintendo listing currently suggests amiibo will have a “corresponding function” (as per translation) in-game. The listing does not detail which amiibo figurines will be supported, nor what

Super Mario Odyssey will be playable at the upcoming EB Expo 2017, the retailer recently confirmed. This will mark one of the first times Odyssey will be playable within the country. EB Expo has moved from Sydney back to the Gold Coast, and

Ubisoft today released a video giving a taste of one of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle‘s Boss Battles. Meet The Phantom of the Bwahpera, a boss that we had the pleasure of meeting in our recent hands-on. Check the boss

Don’t let the cutesy Rabbids or the heart-warming Mario fool you – Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is tough. Like, beyond XCOM level tough. The only huge difference between Ubisoft’s upcoming title and 2K’s familiar franchise is that you’ll “die”

Metroid: Samus Returns has a special difficulty setting that can only be unlocked by amiibo figurine, Nintendo has confirmed. Speaking with Eurogamer, a Nintendo rep confirmed that the new Metroid amiibo will unlock a special Fusion difficulty mode. Available after completing Metroid: Samus

Splatoon 2 has received its second post-launch weapon in the form of the Dualie Squelchers. Available from Sheldon’s Ammo Knights store for 9800 coins, the Dualie Squelchers let you perform dodge rolls that give you a damage output at the same

Two Legendary Pokémon are finally available inside Pokémon Go, but developer Niantic has said even more are on the way. Taking to a new blog post, Niantic said to soon expect Zapdos and Moltres. The pair will join Articuno and Lugio, already in-game. The

The first two Legendary Pokémon are finally available within Pokémon Go… but Trainers are having difficulty capturing them. The two Legendary Pokémon, Lugia and Articuno, can be captured by completing a Raid event with either prize. The problem is, you’re going to

This review has been modified to reflect online play now that it is available. Available today, Splatoon 2 has promised to be the beefed-up content machine at launch that the original was not. In addition to online modes, it features a Horde-like mode in Salmon

The Nintendo Switch Online app is now available, getting players ready for voice chat within titles like the upcoming Splatoon 2. Here’s everything you need to know about the solution. Nintendo Switch Online? Unlike Xbox One and PS4, the Switch doesn’t have

A new video gives players a closer look at Splatoon 2‘s co-op mode, Salmon Run. Take a look below: As you can see, Salmon Run is a Horde-like mode in which players band together and fight off baddies. Hazard difficulty is

We haven’t seen an open world sandbox Mario since Super Mario Sunshine a whopping fifteen years ago. A game in this style is so overdue that it’s easy to be excited about that fact alone, but thankfully, Odyssey promises to be so

ARMS‘ first DLC character, Max Brass, heads to the Nintendo Switch later this week. Brass, the endboss in the game’s campaign, will be playable from 12 July. The Max Brass DLC is free to all users of ARMS. ARMS is a Nintendo Switch

We’ve all the details from today’s Splatoon 2–themed Nintendo Direct. Here are all the dot points direct from Nintendo (see what we did there?): Custom Style: In Splatoon 2, Inklings can be customised to fit the player’s taste. Things like eye