Stevivor took some time during the recent Splatoon 2 Global Testfire event on Switch to record some gameplay. In it, below, we show off two maps and use all available weaponry. Clearly, the Splat Dualies are amazing. New to Splatoon, they might

I never thought I’d use my 3DS again, and then Bye-Bye BoxBoy! said hello. The third title in the delightful BoxBoy! puzzle series — and available in Japan for some time — Bye-Bye relies on different box types like rocket-powered, bomb

Splatoon 2‘s Global Testfire demo takes place this weekend on Nintendo Switch, and we’ve the Australian times for each event. The Testfire will take place over Saturday and Sunday, with three different chances to play on each day. Saturday, 25 March

The chances of finding Water-types in Pokémon Go has greatly increased thanks to its Water Festival event. “Trainers will also have a greater chance of encountering Water-type Pokémon originally discovered in the Johto region, which recently began appearing in the

Nintendo today released a new trailer for Bye-Bye BoxBoy!, out tomorrow on 3DS. You can watch HAL Laboratory’s latest below: Already available in Japan, Bye-Bye BoxBoy! will be available in the west from tomorrow. The title, priced at $7.50 AUD or

Nintendo has said that Joy-Con connection issues are the result of a “manufacturing variation” after an investigation launched by CNET. CNET sent away a left Joy-Con with connection problems for repair, and found the only difference upon its return was

Nintendo has detailed the Splatoon Australia and New Zealand Cup, a competition that could net tickets to E3 in Los Angeles for you and three friends. Teams of four will take part in one of two online heats, with the winners of

ARMS, Nintendo’s first-person one-on-one fighter, has a new trailer that introduces you to its fighters. You can watch the trailer below. It details the five confirmed fighters: Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, Master Mummy and Mechanica. Which character is your favourite?

Super Mario Run‘s next update promises new characters and another level for free-to-play users. An in-game notification promises the following for Super Mario Run version 2.0.0: New characters to play as Complete one of Bowser’s challenges to unlock World 1-4 in the

Ben Heck is back, doing what he does best — taking things apart so you can see their innards. Thankfully, we’re talking tech — and in this case, the Nintendo Switch. Heck is quite interested in the console’s Joy-Con controllers,

Super Mario Run will finally debut on Android smartphones and tablets later this week. From 23 March, Android users will have the opportunity to download the freemium title. You can also pre-register for the title here. Android version of #SuperMarioRun

Dolphin, the PC-based Wii and GameCube emulator, can now connect to the Wii Shop Channel. This allows users to top up credit and purchase Wii, WiiWare and Virtual Console titles. “Getting to the point where we could go shopping on

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild offers up a pretty shitty reward for collecting all in-game Korok seeds. Spoilers lie ahead: If you don’t want to know how many Korok seeds there are, or what the reward is for collecting

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a multitude of items to buy, but to do so, you’ll need rupees. Here’s how to get ’em quick. First, you’ll need to find Lurelin Village. It’s in the southeast corner

Pokémon Go developer Niantic Labs says the game’s Gyms need to be worked. “The gym portion needs a lot more work, and we are trying to improve it and make a bigger change to how the system works,” Product Manager

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime says the company is in “fact-finding mode” to solve issues plaguing the Nintendo Switch. Fils-Aime first addressed Joy-Con syncing issues. “We’ve seen the inquiries, and we here in the Americas are looking at all the