NHL 18 is being celebrated with a new, 1TB PS4 bundle exclusive to Canada. Considering the country’s love for the sport, it makes sense, eh? Available alongside the game on 15 September, the 1TB bundle will include a copy of

September 2017 means one thing: the lead up to the holiday season. As such, get ready for a barrage of games, with sports titles leading the charge. There’s also a bunch of games finally heading to Nintendo Switch. Here’s what

EA Canada has shot down hope that NHL 18 will be ported over to the Nintendo Switch. “While we always continue to assess opportunities, so it’s not to say that’s a hard no, it’s not on our radar at this time,” Clement Kwong

NHL 18 recently showed off what the NHL’s new Adidas jerseys will look like, in-game. Love ’em or hate ’em, the new jerseys are here to stay. Well, when they’re full detailed at least — poor Preds fans. You can

The NHL 18 open beta is now live across Xbox One and PS4, EA today announced. The open beta will mirror the recent closed beta, offering access to the following game modes: 3v3 EA Sports Hockey League full games NHL Three’s, NHL 18‘s

EA Canada’s Sean Ramajagsingh explained to Stevivor why NHL 18 went without a cover vote this year, instead bestowing the honour to the Edmonton Oilers’ Connor McDavid. To Ramajagsingh, the answer was simple. “Our feature set this year is about capturing the

Sitting down with NHL 18 Senior Producer Sean Ramjagsingh, we discussed the possibility of the franchise on EA’s powerhouse Frostbite engine. Sadly, the NHL franchise is the only one not to make the move to Frostbite. “Frostbite is a great opportunity for the NHL

The NHL 18 closed beta is now live on Xbox One and PS4, and with it, the franchise’s newest game mode: NHL Threes. Stevivor recently sat down with Senior Producer, Sean Ramjagsingh, to discuss the new mode, in which three players face

A new video from EA Vancouver shows off new features in NHL 18. You can learn about changes to dekes, the Skill Stick, A.I. and 3v3 EASHL below. Stevivor’s in the midst of a series of interviews with NHL 18‘s Senior Producer,

Speaking with EA Vancouver’s Sean Ramjagsingh, Senior Producer on NHL 18, Stevivor delved into changes to the game’s Skill Stick mechanic. “Players that pick both the Skill Stick and Hybrid control schemes can still use the full range of the

NHL 18 will head into beta later this month on Xbox One and PS4, EA has recently advised. The beta will run from 25 July through until 1 August, ahead of the game’s September release date. A pre-order isn’t required; those

EA Sports today debuted NHL 18 gameplay as part of the NHL Awards. You can check out the game’s first gameplay trailer below: Whatcha think of it? The Oilers’ Connor McDavid was also named as the game’s cover star. “Representing NHL

EA today detailed its offerings during its EA Play event, taking place over E3 2017. Confirmed for the show are FIFA 18, Madden NFL 18, NBA Live 18, Need for Speed: Payback, Battlefield 1 and Star Wars: Battlefront II. Two other titles

NHL 18 received its first teaser trailer today alongside a confirmation of a full reveal after E3. The “first-look” trailer focuses on the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Mitch Marner. Check it out below: What a deke. The game’s first full reveal will