The latest Injustice 2 gameplay video focuses on one of its villains: Cheetah. You can take a look at Wonder Woman’s nemesis in all her glory below. Pretty devastating, eh? Injustice 2 heads to Xbox One and PS4 in May.

Injustice 2 will have real-world money purchases in the form of Source Crystals, developer NetherRealm today revealed. Moreover, the developer said the microtransactions “won’t affect gameplay or game progression”. Source Crystals will allow players to purchase Premiere Skins (like the Reverse

Firestorm has today joined the roster of Injustice 2, NetherRealm’s upcoming DC Comics fighter. You can check out Firestorm in action below: This iteration of Firestorm is a combination of teenager Jason Rusch and Professor Martin Stein. The pair “are only

Update: We’ve forgotten about a Reverse Skin pre-order bonus for Injustice 2. We’ve updated the story below, as we’re still not convinced the character in the trailer is a representation of that skin. Original story: NetherRealm today released Injustice 2‘s second story trailer, revealing

NetherRealm’s Ed Boon took to Twitter to confirm Injustice 2‘s beta will end this week. Players have until 21 February to try out the upcoming DC Comics fighter. Tuesday Feb 21st we pull the (Injustice2 online Beta) plug…. — Ed

NetherRealm today released a new Injustice 2 trailer that’s all about the ladies. Below, you can see Cheetah, Poison Ivy and Catwoman alongside the recently confirmed Black Canary. Swamp Thing was also recently confirmed for the DC Comics fighter. Expect

Swamp Thing was today confirmed as Injustice 2‘s latest fighter. You can check out the behemoth below, thanks to IGN: Swamp Thing joins Black Canary as the latest combatants in NetherRealm’s DC-themed fighter, though he’s usually found in the Vertigo Comics

It appears that developer NetherRealm will be unveiling new Injustice 2 characters on a weekly schedule in the lead up to its release. With Black Canary being confirmed last week, NetherRealm has said another new character will be confirmed late Tuesday night.

NetherRealm and Warner Bros. today used IGN to reveal Injustice 2‘s newest playable character: Black Canary. You can check the Canary out in action below against Deadshot and Blue Beetle. What do you think of her? Injustice 2 heads to Xbox

A new video shows Robin in action inside Injustice 2. Damian Wayne’s clearly dropped the persona of Nightwing and has elected to go back to Robin, as seen below. Go Batman? Injustice 2 heads to Xbox One and PS4 in May.

After a short tease by NetherRealm’s Ed Boon, the developer has confirmed that Injustice 2 will offer up a beta in the near future. Those interested can register for the beta here. Don't know why, but I can't help feeling like

Injustice 2 received a fairly lengthy story trailer today alongside confirmation of editions and pre-order bonuses. First, the story-based trailer pits friend versus friend — and father versus son in the case of Batman and Robin: Next, NetherRealm confirmed the contents

Another Injustice 2 .gif has been released to the wild ahead of a reveal planned for tomorrow. This one’s a bit meatier, showing a fight between Supergirl and Wonder Woman. It joins earlier .gifs from yesterday. The Battle Rages On

Users of NeoGAF have taken to the popular forum to discuss a screenshot that suggests the villainous Darkseid will be offered as a pre-order bonus for Injustice 2. The screenshot, seen below, was taken on a PS4. It’s unclear if Darkseid

Ed Boon and NetherRealm have both taken to Twitter to confirm the release date for Injustice 2: 16 May 2017. — Ed Boon (@noobde) January 6, 2017 It's happening! The release date for Injustice 2 in the Americas! — NetherRealm

Despite an Xbox Live Rewards page suggesting Injustice 2 will be available in March, that simply won’t be the case. The page, now changed, had erroneously listed Injustice 2 for a 28 March release. GameTransfers managed to grab a screen of the page