Last week publisher 2K shut down the servers for NBA 2K14 after 18 months, which has become standard practice for the franchise. However, in this case, the shutdown meant that players couldn’t access their career mode saves which meant even playing

Kevin Durant took home the title of Most Valuable Player in the NBA this year, but even that doesn’t stop him from playing as LeBron James in NBA 2K. He confirmed as much on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,

With the addition of 11 extra Euroleague teams in NBA 2K15 the total number rises to 25, 2K Sports announced today. The Euroleague is the highest level of professional basketball in the region and is essentially the European equivalent of the

Review: NBA 2K14

Regular readers may remember I reviewed NBA 2K14 recently on current-gen. After sinking some time into the next-gen offering, it’s apparent the bigger brother deserves some time to shine. There will be a lot of comparison to the current-gen version but it’s necessary to illustrate just how far the franchise has come.

The MyGM mode for NBA 2K14 on next-gen is set to be a much deeper and richer experience than anything previously seen in the franchise, says Erick Boenisch Senior Producer on NBA 2K14  in a post on Operation Sports. “Let’s make one thing clear,

Review: NBA 2K14

If you have ever played an NBA 2K game, you will have a very good idea of what to expect from the new NBA 2K14. Hell, even if you’ve played more than one in the last 5 years or so,

Over the weekend, 2K Sports confirmed the soundtrack for the upcoming NBA 2K14. 2K said that the tracks are “personally selected by the game’s cover athlete and two-time NBA Champion, LeBron James,” and includes “an eclectic mix of hip-hop, rock,