Xbox Achievement hunters will be interested to know that “fundamental changes” are planned for the reward scheme. Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra, speaking with Windows Central, said the current Achievement system caters to those who play a lot of games — after

Xbox’s Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb and Mike Ybarra today detailed sweeping changes to the Xbox One user interface. The new Xbox dashboard is horizontal rather than vertical, and has four main areas in its primary screen: your last activity, two

Xbox One users were treated to a very peculiar Xbox One error message that was never supposed to leave the walls of Microsoft, the publisher today confirmed. A number of users took to Reddit to report the error, “Mock Error Title”.

Friends will soon be able to gift games to others across Xbox Live, Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has recently confirmed. Ybarra took to Twitter to say the feature was “not far”. Not far! — Mike Ybarra (@XboxQwik) July 6, 2017 The

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra took to Twitter to confirm Microsoft has unlocked more GDDR5 RAM for developers to work with on the Xbox One’s evolution, Project Scorpio. This means devs now have 9GB of RAM to work with. We’ll keep tuning Scorpio

Microsoft has admitted it lost developers with the launch of the Xbox One, and has designed Project Scorpio to win them back. “The team looked back at developers and the developer relationship we have,” Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra told Eurogamer. “With

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has taken to Twitter to confirm that the Xbox One will soon lose its snap feature. The snap function will be removed from Xbox One UI via the next big Creators Update. We replaced Snap to improve

The Xbox One, Windows 10 Creators Update will bring big changes to the Xbox Guide button, Microsoft recently revealed. On Xbox One, the Guide button (aka, the Xbox logo) will bring up the left-hand focused guide in one press rather

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has taken to Twitter, saying he wants to implement an easier way to move bulk content between Xbox One consoles and storage drives. In an exchange with friend of the site Beau, Ybarra placed his support behind easier move

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has taken to Twitter to tease a secret Master Chief etched on the new Xbox One S. Hmm what's that? — ♏️ike Ybarra (@XboxQwik) August 3, 2016 The crew at iFixit have discovered where the hidden

Mike Ybarra has taken to Xbox Wire to advise that the Xbox One Summer Update (or Winter Update for us Aussies, but who’s keeping score?) is now being pushed out to consoles. The update includes background music, access to Cortana,

Xbox’s Phil Spencer and Mike Ybarra have taken to Twitter to announced that Xbox avatars will soon be able to take to wheelchairs. “No petition needed, we hear you,” Spencer said. “This is something we’ve already looked at, not far

Xbox’s Mike Ybarra has taken to Twitter to advise a new Xbox One Preview Program update will soon head to consoles. Next Xbox One preview build for our preview audience = soon! #Xbox #YouAllRock — Mike Ybarra (@XboxQwik) June 1,

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has taken to Twitter to hint that the Xbox One’s My Games and Apps interface will soon get an update. The section is perhaps one of the few left of the Xbox One to remain untouched since

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has taken to Twitter to advise of the next Xbox One Preview Program update. According to Ybarra, the preview update won’t be ready until May or June this year. Win10 Anniversary Update announced at //build will have

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has taken to Twitter to confirm that a future Xbox One update will bring back the ability to snap the Achievements app. The functionality was taken off the console with the New Xbox One Experience, based on