Update: This piece has been updated to include Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s new same-sex romance as part of its patch 1.08 update. Sadly, the one extra romance doesn’t change much. Original story (29 March 2017): An in-depth look at the romance options available in the Mass

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The latest game to be given, free, to gamers via Origin’s ‘On the House’ program is Mass Effect 2. It’s not a surprise, really — this was rumoured at the end of last year. You can grab Mass Effect 2 for

Starting off a conversation with BioWare’s Michael Gamble about Mass Effect: Andromeda, I immediately landed a low blow, talking about fan reception to Mass Effect 3‘s ending. I could practically hear him wince over the phone. “You know what? I joke a

BioWare has announced it will begin giving away five holiday-themed freebies all throughout the remainder of December. First up is a plush Krogan doll from the Mass Effect universe. Day 1: A pure plush Krogan from @TeamSanshee. RT for a chance

As part of N7 Day, EA today announced that both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 are today backwards compatible on Xbox One. Those who own physical copies of the games need only insert the first disc of the

EA today announced that eight new games will head to the Origin Access Vault very shortly. Available as a subscription service on PC, the following new games will head to the Vault: Mass Effect Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 3 Trine

EA’s used a copyright claim to pull a Donald Trump propoganda piece from the internet that made use of Mass Effect 2. The video, made by Mark F, first was published to Twitter by Trump’s account. EA quickly moved to have the

Sony today confirmed November’s PlayStation Plus offerings. Here are what subscribers to PS Plus can nab for free: The Walking Dead: Season 2 (PS4) Magicka 2 (PS4) Mass Effect 2 (PS3) Beyond Good & Evil (PS3) Dragon Fin Soup (PS4, PS

Hey, Sony fans — you’ll finally have a chance to experience (the slow pace of the) original Mass Effect. The newly announced Mass Effect Trilogy will finally bring the original Mass Effect to the PS3 for the first time —

The weekend is fast approaching, and what better time than now to prepare to get your gaming on. EA has reduced the prices of their critically acclaimed Mass Effect series by 30%, so now you the gamer can get your