Update 2: “The issue has now been fixed. We are investigating the cause,” a Sony representative has confirmed with Stevivor. We’ve asked if those who’ve acquired the game at no price will be permitted to keep it. Update 1: The game’s price

The sequel you never asked for — for the game you never asked for — is here. Say hello to Knack 2. Like the original, Knack 2 is cute, inoffensive, but ultimately safe and, therefore, dull. At its best, it serves

September 2017 means one thing: the lead up to the holiday season. As such, get ready for a barrage of games, with sports titles leading the charge. There’s also a bunch of games finally heading to Nintendo Switch. Here’s what

Knack 2 wasn’t featured during Sony’s E3 2017 press conference, but that doesn’t mean gamers will be left wanting. Sony has recently shared 16 minutes of gameplay footage from the upcoming title. Check it out below: Knack 2 takes place a

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Sony today used the PlayStation Experience to announce Knack 2. Developed by Sony’s Japan Studio, you can check it out in action below: What’d you think? Are you busting to play Knack again? This time, he’s got a buddy! We’ll have more on Knack

A 3D animator at the Taiwan-based XPEC Entertainment has alleged that Knack 2 is currently in development. The developer said she’s been working on Knack 2 since May 2015. Now removed from her resume, the animator said she was responsible