Update: A detailed list of games with confirmed updates is as follows: Anthem Ashen Ark: Survival Evolved The Artful Escape Assassin’s Creed: Origins Astroneer Black Desert Chess Ultra Code Vein Crackdown 3 The Darwin Project Dead Rising 4 Deep Rock Galactic

Members of the Xbox Insider program on Xbox One have been pushed an update with changes to Arena, Parties, Clubs and much more. “We’ve recently shipped several multitasking features, including the Achievement tracker, to improve your gaming experience,” Microsoft said

Microsoft has today revealed the free games heading to Xbox Live Gold subscribers in January 2017. Here’s what the new year holds: Xbox 360 The Cave: 1-15 January 2017 Rayman Origins: 16-31 January 2017 Xbox 360 titles are backwards compatible

Microsoft today confirmed that Eyedol will be the final new character inside Killer Instinct‘s third season. You can check out a trailer for the returning baddie below: Deliciously evil, eh? Eyedol will be available from 22 July in the game’s Ultra Edition,

Developer Iron Galaxy looks to be keen to add new characters into the popular fighter. A recent survey, as reported by Inquisitr, is asking players to rank nine potential new characters, including a Halo Brute, Perfect Dark’s Joanna Dark and an agent from Crackdown. The

Microsoft confirmed that General Raam will be a playable character in Killer Instinct on both Windows PC and Xbox One. You can check him out in action below: Raam, from the original Gears of War, heads to the fighter from today.

As a young child, I remember constantly heading to the local arcade after school to drop quarters and play against my friends. Back then, it seemed that you belonged in one of two fighting camps – the Mortal Kombat crowd or the Killer Instinct one. I went for the former, and in all honestly, it was to try to seem edgy.

A new Killer Instinct trailer goes beyond a tease and shows us Halo‘s Arbiter in all his glory. Check it out below: Brutal, eh? The Arbiter is part of Killer Instinct‘s third season, available from March on Windows PC and Xbox One.

A new Kim Wu Killer Instinct trailer has also teased the addition of Halo‘s Arbiter. Kim takes front and centre of the trailer, below, but the Arbiter pops up right at the end. We’ll keep you informed as we learn more.

Microsoft took to Xbox Wire to confirm release dates and windows for 2016’s biggest Xbox exclusive titles. Titles and release dates are as follows: Gears of War 4 (Xbox One) – Multiplayer Beta in fall 2016/launch in spring 2016 Quantum Break

Microsoft Studios Creative Director Adam Isgreen took to Twitch to announce that classic character Tusk will be added to Killer Instinct‘s third season. As reported by Shoryuken, Isgreen said that Tusk will join other Season Three characters Kim Wu and Battletoads‘ Rash.

January 2016’s Xbox Games with Gold have been detailed by Microsoft. Over on Xbox One, Killer Instinct: Season 1 Ultra Edition will be free all month, and Zheros will be available from 16 January to 15 February. Xbox 360 titles, also backwards

After yesterday’s revelation that Battletoads’ Rash was available inside Killer Instinct, we’ve got some gameplay of the character in action. Check it out below: Nice, right? Killer Instinct has Rash playable right this second. Season Three of the game is expected

At Gamescom today, it was confirmed that Killer Instinct would return for Season Three in March 2016. Additionally, the game will be cross-play between Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One. Moreover, it was announced that Battletoads’ Rash will be playable in-game from

Xbox head Phil Spencer confirmed that Killer Instinct will be released on Windows PC. The game is currently available on Xbox One. The title will offer the chance to play against other gamers no matter the platform; those on Xbox

This new Killer Instinct trailer shows off fighter Cinder in action. As a bonus, it also teases fighter Aria. Cinder will be available for Ultra Edition owners from 30 April. We reviewed Killer Instinct here.