Overwatch is getting a Deathmatch mode and new map, Blizzard today confirmed. The new modes — Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch — and map are already available in the Public Test Region (PTR) on Windows PC. Deathmatch is restricted to eight

Blizzard is committed to creating easier ways for spectators to enjoy Overwatch eSports events, the developer recently confirmed. The biggest problem with Overwatch at the moment is team colours will change from blue to red depending on the perspective of the player being watched.

Blizzard may tweak the way in which Overwatch competitive season quitters are dealt with in-game. Ask a competitive player what the worst part of an Overwatch season is and you’ll likely be told of quitters (well, that or those who don’t use

Overwatch fans without a PC — or lacking the desire to play Heroes of the Storm — can rest easy: its special skins will eventually make their way to in-game Loot Boxes. At the moment, the Oni Genji and Officer D.Va skins —

Overwatch has six maps in development, and fans are likely to see three of them before the end of the year, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan recently confirmed. “We currently have 3 maps in development, all past the initial playtesting phase that are

Those clinging to hope that Overwatch will eventually appear on Nintendo Switch have taken another hit to the stomach. Speaking to Express Online, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan all but confirmed the release will not be happening. “The problem is, we’ve really targeted our

It’s likely Overwatch‘s newest tease refers to its first in-game event that doesn’t revolve around a real-life activity like Christmas or the Olympics. “We’ve heard the call that a lot of players want a non-real-world-tied event, meaning they want some

Overwatch‘s latest latest hero, Orisa, won’t be headed to consoles until late March. Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan made the confirmation on the game’s forums. “We’re getting great feedback and fixing a lot of issues,” Kaplan said. “I know this feels a

Overwatch’s newest hero, Orisa, will be nerfed after feedback obtained through the game’s Public Test Realm (PTR) on PC. Orisa’s primary, the Fusion Driver, will have its clip lowered from 200 to 150. Her ultimate, Supercharger, will also have its

Phil Spencer has taken to Twitter to respond to Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan and calls for console keyboard and mouse support without the need for a converter. Spencer, who is known as a supporter of keyboard and mouse control for consoles,

Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan has taken to Blizzard’s Battle.net forums to advocate against converter-driven keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One and PS4. The conversation began after Overwatch players on consoles asked if keyboard and mouse converters like XIM constituted cheating. “We have

Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan has taken to the Overwatch forums to report that Mei’s Ice Wall glitch will be patched out of the game today. The exploit allows those playing as Mei to Ice Wall out of the Ecopoint Antarctica map. Whilst

Blizzard has teased a host of new content coming to Overwatch in the new year. Here’s what to expect in 2017 from what many outlets — not Stevivor, but many others — are calling 2016’s shooter of the year. New maps Already

Overwatch‘s competitive mode will be patched this week to address legitimate issues with network connections. At the moment, the competitive mode will penalise anyone who leaves a match early — including those with crappy internet connections that drop out intermittently.

A recent Overwatch update celebrates and two-pointers made while waiting for a match to start. No, seriously. You can check the feature out in this segment from Twitch streamer AnneMunition: She’s on fire! Meanwhile, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan has taken to the game’s

Overwatch will see a patch next month that nerfs Torbjörn’s ridiculously-overpowered turret. Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan took to a Reddit threat that complained about the character’s ability on console to make the confirmation. Kaplan said that a patch for Xbox One is undergoing