In a series of tweets, Telltale Games has released four new screenshots from The Walking Dead: Season 2 – “Episode 3 In Harm’s Way.” The screens show Clementine and the cast of Season 2 in a range of zombie walker related situations. Telltale

The popular Facebook game, Here Be Monsters, has headed over to iPad, and we got to sit down with its developer, Gamesys, to discuss the title. Michael Heywood, Lead Producer, describes the game as a cross between social titles like

I have been a pinball aficionado since I was a little kid and needed a step stool to be able to see the tables in an arcade. I can’t count the amount of quarters I dropped into pinball tables through the years.

On the back of the announcement of Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes, we’ve got some in-game screens and real-life character shots from the game. The pictures in question revolve around Marvel’s greatest team, The Avengers. You can see Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye,

This morning, Marvel and Disney announced that Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes for iOS, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Written by Marvel Comics’ writer Brian Michael Bendis, the game will include both villians and super

Microsoft today outlined what shows are in production for their Xbox Originals TV programming. As the program’s President, Nancy Tellem, said, the programming will consist of “premium television experiences” that will combine to produce a “network that probably none of you

Microsoft versus Sony, Battlefield versus Call of Duty and Forza versus Gran Turismo. These are some of the rivalries that can get people talking about console wars. “Game On or Game Over” is your place to get inside the minds of Nicholas and Andy as they seek

In a recent interview with Polygon, Disruptor Beam’s CEO Jon Radoff said Star Trek: Timelines will stay true to creator Gene Roddenberry’s version of the franchise rather than simply be action-heavy. “We’ve created this amazing galaxy generator which will populate what

Ubisoft yesterday announced a contest that will bring Uplay members from around the world to E3 2014 in Los Angeles. The winners, dubbed Uplay Ambassadors, will “receive the VIP treatment, including all-expenses paid travel, access to the E3 show floor,

Disruptor Beam, the team behind Game of Thrones: Ascent, today announced Star Trek: Timelines. A story-driven RPG for iOS, Android and browsers, players will be tasked to explore galaxies and conduct scientific, diplomatic and combat missions. An announcement trailer was also released

Not one to be outdone by others on April Fools’ Day, Google has updated their popular Google Maps app on iOS and Android so you can catch Pokémon in it. No joke. One hundred and fifty Pokémon are scattered throughout the world.

Gamers, life has been hard since the launch of the Xbox One. A lack of proper headset support means we’ve had to listen to ten year old kids calling us poofta n00bs through our television speaker systems – alongside game audio, to boot — rather than piping both through the intimate setup of a nice pair of cans.

Any time Zen Studios announces a new Pinball FX 2 table, I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning to come. The latest table is an original design that pays homage to the classic World Cup Soccer Midway table from 1994. It’s no question I am a pinball junkie, however I’m not a soccer, sorry football fan by any means so I was somewhat concerned if this would be a table where I was ultimately left somewhat disappointed.

Two years ago, developer Double Fine started what would become an historic Kickstarter campaign to fund a new point-and-click adventure game in the vein of Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. Two years later, after a public and bumpy journey, we have the first act of that new adventure: Broken Age.

Christmas is right around the corner, but for me Christmas came early when Zen Studios announced that their newest Marvel table featuring Dr. Strange was available from this week. I make no secrets about my love of all things pinball. It was the first thing I ever played in an arcade and I fell in love with it. Fast forward to the day I found Pinball FX on Xbox Live Arcade and that love of pinball was rekindled. I’ve been a fan on Zen Studios since and have been able to watch them grow and refine their craft. Their newest table, “Marvel’s Dr. Strange”, does nothing to temper these feeling.

Over the past few years, it’s become fairly common to see companion games released alongside Ubisoft’s flagship Assassin’s Creed titles. Previous instalments like Altair’s Chronicles or Assassin’s Creed II: Bloodlines have acted as direct extensions of the main games’ protagonists, whilst Liberation on the Vita introduced an entirely new playable Assassin in the form of the charming Aveline de Grandpre. Assassin’s Creed: Pirates is another slightly different step for these side titles, taking place as a sort of prequel to Black Flag – but not starring an Assassin. Pirates tells the story of Alonzo Batilia, a pirate not affiliated with the Assassins or Templars in the Golden Age of piracy. His story revolves around the hunt for the lost treasure of French pirate La Buse.