Right out of the gate, Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia throws a lot at you. Its story gets heavy immediately; new gameplay mechanics are introduced straight away, not hidden away after hours of play. For a remake of a 1992 classic,

At its core, Fire Emblem Fates is a game about duality. As your avatar, Corrin is a character stuck in the midst of a weighty decision – do they want to align with the family birthright that they lost, and

Welcome to part two of our Fire Emblem Fates coverage! Last week’s review covered the Birthright version and the overall premise of the games — your avatar Corrin is the ward of the Nohrian king and lost son of the Hoshido

Prior to Fire Emblem Awakening, I was totally disconnected from the Fire Emblem franchise. After playing, I realised it opened a whole new branch of the RPG genre to me in the form of strategy RPGs. Three years later (give or

Reliable Nintendo reporter Emily Rogers has taken to Twitter to allege that Nintendo is hard at work on Paper Mario for Wii U. Citing “sources”, Rogers says the game is being localised and tested now. We’ll have more on the rumour