A new trailer for the highly anticipated Horizon: Zero Dawn details its characters. Get to know protagonist Aloy, as well as friends and foes, below: What’d you think? Not long to go — Horizon: Zero Dawn heads to PS4 on 28 February.

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Guerrilla Games took to the PlayStation Blog to detail PS4 Pro enhancements available inside Horizon Zero Dawn. The PS4 Pro is said to offer “far better image quality” to those with non-4K HDTVs. This is done by supersampling, rending the game

EB Games Expo kicked off yesterday at Sydney’s Olympic Park, and PlayStation invited Stu and Luke along for an early look at what gamers can expect to see and play at their booth. Here are Luke and Stuart’s impressions of what

Sony has released a new Horizon: Zero Dawn trailer at Tokyo Game Show. Sure, it’s in Japanese, but it’s still pretty. What’d you think of it? Horizon: Zero Dawn heads to PS4 next year.

After raising more questions than answers last year, Guerrilla Games was finally ready to properly unveil Horizon: Zero Dawn at E3 this month, where Stevivor saw an extended gameplay demo and went hands-on for the first time. Set 1,000 years after the

E3 2016 is over and the dust is starting to settle. At multiple times I had damned this year as the worst in recent memory before the show floor was even open, simply because it’d be the first in many

E3 2016 Analysis: Electronic Arts | Bethesda | Microsoft | Ubisoft | Sony Sony has been on a generational victory lap since June 2013 but this year they literally played Microsoft off the stage with a combination of bombastic presentations, killer

Sony today released new gameplay footage from Horizon: Zero Dawn. Check it out below: What’d you think? Horizon: Zero Dawn heads to PS4 next year.

Sony’s E3 2016 press conference is about to begin, and you can watch it live right here. The event kicks off at the following times around the world. WA: 9.00 am SA, NT: 10.3 0am VIC, NSW, QLD, ACT, TAS: 11.00

Guerrilla Games took to the PlayStation Blog today to announce that Horizon: Zero Dawn has been delayed into 2017. Now launching 28 February 2017, Guerilla said the delay was needed to further polish the game. “It wasn’t an easy choice to

Industry insider Shinobi602 today alleged that Horizon: Zero Dawn will be delayed into 2017. “Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s getting delayed to early 2017 from what I’m told,” Shinobi said via Twitter. “Going to look splendid on PS4k though.” Shinobi took back to Twitter to

2016 will be a good year to game. We’ve myriad titles in the pipeline for next year, and what better time is it than to highlight some of them now? January The first of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Chronicles titles, India,

Sony used Paris Games Week to show off gameplay footage of Horizon: Zero Dawn. The footage below was previously reserved for behind-closed-doors viewings: What did you think? Is is close to Leo’s thoughts from E3? We’ll have more on Horizon: Zero Dawn as

Guerrilla Games is holding all its cards to its chest with PlayStation exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn, but speculation that protagonist Aloy will be able to ride a mount has been around since its unveiling. Speaking with DualShockers, Senior Producer Mark Norris didn’t confirm the

In this current age of overhyped, PR driven lead-ups to games with a dozen new trailers per week, it’s refreshing to see Guerrilla Games, developer of upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn, keeping quiet about its game. Speaking with PlayM Deutsch, Senior Producer Mark