Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s soundtrack is now available to stream via Spotify. Ahead of a full release next week, you can listen to the entire soundtrack below. Sony used the opportunity to interview composers Niels van der Leest, Joris de Man

On this episode of The GAP Luke Lawrie and Joab Gilroy talk about Hawaii, comics and John Wick – with a sprinkle of video games to follow. The games they’ve been playing includes Horizon: Zero Dawn, Nioh, Torment: Tides of

You know what March means — Switchmas! In addition to Nintendo’s latest console, we’ve a number of great games for PC, Xbox One, PS4, 3DS and Vita on the way. Here’s what to expect over March 2017 here in Australia*:

Horizon: Zero Dawn is now available for pre-load on PS4 ahead of its 1 March release here in Australia. The download comes in at 39.485 GB, though users will also have to grab a small day one patch as well. We reviewed Horizon:

Speaking with Stevivor, Guerrilla Games’ Joel Eschler describes how a New Zealand developer named Hugh saved Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s underground archaeological finds. “The underground spaces in the game were a huge risk for us because we signed on to building

Joel Eschler, Senior Producer at Guerrilla Games, seemed pretty comfortable when I told him Sony had called Horizon: Zero Dawn and its protagonist Aloy the next “PlayStation icon”. After six years of development, it’s safe to say that Guerrilla has a

Joel Eschler, Senior Producer at Guerrilla Games, told Stevivor that Horizon: Zero Dawn has been designed to cater to stealth or action playstyles “at any given moment”. “We focus tested this game and did play test for the longest time,”

Guerrilla Games ends up doideng a lot of heavy lifting for Sony’s newest consoles. Killzone: Shadow Fall led a launch effort for the PS4, and its newest, Horizon: Zero Dawn, is the poster child for the recently released PS4 Pro. While

Horizon: Zero Dawn developer Guerrilla Games has taken to Twitter to confirm a day one patch of 250MB for the post-post apocalyptic title. The tweet quashes rumours of a 16GB update. For those interested, #HorizonZeroDawn will receive a day one patch

Speaking with MCV UK, Sony’s Jon Edwards has said that Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s protagonist Aloy is a “PlayStation icon”, joining the likes of Nathan Drake, Kratos and Crash Bandicoot. “We really feel that [Horizon: Zero Dawn] is an exciting addition to the

Sony and Guerrilla Games used the weekend to release two new Horizon: Zero Dawn enemy machine profiles. Up this time are the Behemoth and the Stormbird. You can check both videos out below: As you can see above, the videos not only show

Sony today released two new Horizon: Zero Dawn videos, each detailing enemies Aloy will face on her travels: the Thunderjaw and the Snapmaw. Each video details the beasts’ abilities and, thankfully, vulnerabilities. First, the Thunderjaw: Next, the Snapmaw: What do you

Developer Guerrilla Games took to Twitch recently to showcase the upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn. Check it out below: What’d you think? Horizon: Zero Dawn heads to PS4 on 1 March.

Sony and Guerilla Games today released three new videos that take us behind-the-scenes with the upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn. You can watch all three videos below: Horizon: Zero Dawn heads to PS4 on 1 March.

Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s Thunderjaw Collector’s Edition will be available to Australian consumers as an EB Games exclusive. The premium edition, priced at a whopping $350 AUD, includes: Full retail copy of Horizon Zero Dawn Premium Thunderjaw Statue Exclusive World Map

In an age where every new title seems to be introducing microtransactions, it’s always refreshing to hear of one that won’t. The latest unreleased game to ditch microtransactions is Guerilla’s Horizon: Zero Dawn. The confirmation was made over Twitter: @hot40chef There