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Spoiler warning: There are some very minor spoilers below about Gravity Rush 2. While there is nothing of detail about its story, we do divulge completion time and core episode names. Gravity Rush 2 will soon be available on PS4, and

Gravity Rush, the PS Vita system-seller turned PS4 remaster, has ditched the handheld realm altogether for a new, current-gen sequel. Gravity Rush 2 has similarly abandoned a questionable DualShock 4 control scheme, upped its map sizes and, basically, beefed itself up

We’re in a new year, and that means new games. Here’s what to expect over January 2017 here in Australia*: Gravity Rush 2 Wednesday, 18 January 2017 PS4 Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Saturday, 21 January 2017

Sony has taken to the PlayStation Blog to announce that Gravity Rush 2 has been delayed into next year. “Gravity Rush 2 is the conclusion of Kat’s journey, so we want players to have enough time to dive deep into her

Sony recently confirmed that Gravity Rush 2 will head to PS4 in November. Available from 30 November, you can see Kat’s new mysterious guardian Angel in action below: Gravity Rush 2 is a PS4 exclusive.

2016 will be a good year to game. We’ve myriad titles in the pipeline for next year, and what better time is it than to highlight some of them now? January The first of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Chronicles titles, India,

What better way to start your afternoon than with a Gravity Rush 2 trailer fresh from Paris Games Week. The trailer shows off both the light and agile Lunar style and the heavy and hard-hitting Jupiter style, as well as

At the Tokyo Game Show, Sony confirmed Gravity Rush 2 for PS4. While not much is known about sequel, it was also confirmed that the Vita original is being remastered for the PS4 as well. Bluepoint Games, the team behind Uncharted: The Nathan