A map glitch has uncovered several large, unused areas in Final Fantasy XV‘s Niflheim. You can check them out below thanks to YouTuber Fotm Hero: Time codes for the new areas is as follows: 0:00: Cartanica 12:33 : 3 kilometers before

Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata used a New Years’ message to promise he’ll “give back” to franchise fans in 2017. “We were able to accomplish the goals we set out to achieve, such as subtitles for 12 languages, 4 fully

Final Fantasy XV mobile spin-offs Justice Monsters V and King’s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon have seen better days. First, Justice Monsters V, an iOS and Android version of the flipper game found inside FFXV, will be discontinued on 27 March 2016. Microtransactions will be

We’ve gone through the best games of 2016, but Stevivor staffers didn’t agree on everything. With that in mind, we present to you, in no particular order, the games we feel are strong contenders for the overall Game of the

A 3GB update to Final Fantasy XV today brings New Game Plus to the popular RPG alongside new photo frames for Prompto. While the latter is pretty easy to understand, New Game Plus is a little tricky. Choosing New Game+ mode Download

Square Enix has today detailed plans for a 30th anniversary celebration for the Final Fantasy series next month in Tokyo. Held on 31 January 2017, the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary Opening Ceremony event will be held at the Roppongi Hills TOHO

Square Enix today detailed a free holiday update heading to Final Fantasy XV. From 22 December, the update will include a New Game Plus mode, allowing players to start the game from scratch, yet keeping all stats and levels. Moreover, the

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VG24/7 is reporting on a special edition mailout, sent to select YouTubers, with details of Final Fantasy XV‘s first piece of DLC. “Episode Gladiolus”, which will revolve around one of the game’s four main protagonist, will also reintroduce a classic villain: Gilgamesh.

Reader submission by Gale Force I’ll start this off by admitting, straight up, that I haven’t yet completed Final Fantasy XV, the long-awaited fifteenth title in the main series of the legendary Final Fantasy franchise. Unlike some of the Square

Final Fantasy XV‘s Director, Hajime Tabata, has taken to two separate blog posts to detail patches planned for the game. First and foremost, Tabata has acknowledged fan frustration with the title’s thirteenth chapter and promises to improve it by buffing

Stevivor’s Steve Wright appeared on the You Game Bro? podcast last night to talk all things Star Trek, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy XV and more. You can listen to the episode below: http://yougamebro.podbean.com/mf/web/84pjue/ygbstevivor.mp3 Download: Direct link Subscribe: iTunes If you’d rather watch

There are some things that have just always BEEN, for as long as we remember. Static constants, never changing. Since the dawning of the modern age, since video games first entered the public mind, since time immemorial – Final Fantasy XV has

The Indoorsman is your podcast guide to the great indoors. Every week (probably), Stevivor Senior Editor Matt Gosper is joined by co-host Cliff to talk about various nerd nonsense (maybe) to entertain you (hopefully). http://www.indoorsmanpodcast.com//files/podcasts/indoorsman-episode-003.mp3 Podcast: Download Subscribe: iTunes |

Final Fantasy XV is available on Xbox One and PS4 from tomorrow, and we’ve new details ahead of launch. Digital First up, the title is now available for pre-load in Australia, Europe, Japan and North America. It weighs in at a

A bit behind on your Final Fantasy? This new FFXV primer will help sort you out. You can watch it below: Final Fantasy XV — and its many butts — heads to Xbox One and PS4 next week.