The free games available to PlayStation Plus subscribers in April 2017 have today been confirmed by Sony. Four titles are available on PS4 in April, with Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and two Vita cross-buy titles joining Drawn to Death, a title previously

Cartoony-shooter Drawn to Death will be free to PlayStation Plus subscribers in April, Sony today advised. Taking to the PlayStation Blog, developer David Jaffe confirmed the news. “I wanted to find a way to invite all of you PS Plus members into

Sony, alongside developer The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, today confirmed that Drawn to Death will head to the PS4 in early April. The title, first announced in late 2014, will also drop its free-to-play nature. Sony has more with

Drawn to Death is utter garbage. From the time I spent with it, hands-on, at E3 this year, I’m wholly confident the third-person shooter, straight from the mind of David Gaffe, is a game that should have been released years

When PS4 exclusive Drawn to Death launches later this year it probably won’t have local multiplayer via split-screen, at least according to developer David Jaffe. In a post on the title’s official forums, many fans have expressed their desire to see

David Jaffe’s has confirmed his PS4 exclusive multiplayer shooter Drawn to Death will be free-to-play, but “not in the traditional sense”. Posting on Reddit Jaffe confirms the free-to-play status of Drawn to Death, but goes on to explain that their team

David Jaffe’s just added a new video to his YouTube channel that directly addresses nay-sayers of his upcoming game, Drawn to Death. Some don’t that the game’s a four-player affair. Other’s don’t like game’s art style. Jaffe’s response to them all? In

At the PlayStation Experience event over the weekend, Sony confirmed Drawn to Death on PS4. The game is being developed by David Jaffe’s Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency. “Drawn To Death will be an arena shooter like you’ve never played