A Dragon Age: Inquisition voice actor is teasing a sequel over on Instagram. Voice actress Alix Wilton Regan, who voiced the female Inquisitor of Inquisition, used a very specific hashtag to jump-start fans’ hearts. You can see the image below. Back in the studio

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The Indoorsman is your podcast guide to the great indoors – posted a week late just this one time, because SOMEbody forgot (it was me). Every week (probably), Stevivor Senior Editor Matt Gosper is joined by co-host Cliff to talk

Here are today’s deals: Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are both $42 AUD (3DS, disc-based) at Big W. Dragon Age: Inquisition is $14.99 (PC, digital) on Origin. A 500GB PS4 is $375 AUD at JB Hi-Fi. My Ex-Boyfriend the Space

EA today advised of special holiday discounts available to EA Access members. Those in the program on can take advantage of the following: EA SPORTS NBA LIVE 16 – Full Game – 50% off Battlefield 4 Premium – 60% off

EA announced today that a Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of the Year Edition would be released next month. The Game of the Year edition will include all released DLC, but at this stage has only been announced for PC and current-gen

Last week, Bioware officially brought the Inquisition’s story to a close with Dragon Age: Inquisition’s final story DLC, titled “Trespasser”. Set two years after the conclusion of the main story, “Trespasser” sees the Inquisitor and their independent army finally overstaying their welcome in

Seemingly out of nowhere, Bioware has dropped another single-player DLC campaign for Dragon Age: Inquisition into our laps. With barely a week’s notice, “The Descent” has set up the task of venturing into the Deep Roads to uncover a great mystery.

Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s second expansion, “The Descent”, was detailed by EA and BioWare today. The expansion will task players with solving “Thedas’s greatest mysteries” and takes place undergrown in Darkspawn-invested caverns. Dragon Age: Inquisition is now part of EA Access’

The latest Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC pack (and the first not being made available to last generation systems) has quietly been released, titled “Spoils of the Qunari”. It includes new items, armour and crafting schematics, plus an “armoured war mount”,

EA recently announced that PC players can experience the first six hours of Dragon Age: Inquisition for free via its Origin service. PC players will also get unlimited free multiplayer, using both of the game’s multiplayer expansion packs. We reviewed

Dragon Age: Inquisition will soon only release DLC on current-gen versions of the game as well as PC. Those on last-gen versions needn’t lose heart, as BioWare also announced a save-importing feature will allow those on PS3 or Xbox 360

The first Dragon Age: Inquisition downloadable expansion, “Jaws of Hakkon”, was originally a timed exclusive to the Xbox One and PC. That time is almost up, as the Dragon Age Twitter account has announced a release date of 26 May

BioWare and EA today announced that a new Dragon Age: Inquisition expansion, titled “Dragonslayer”, will be available shortly. The free update brings a bunch of new content to the game, with a large chunk focusing on the game’s multiplayer. “Dragonslayer”

Dragon Age: Inquisition’s “Jaws of Hakkon” DLC has had its price corrected on Xbox One after publisher EA realised the content had been overpriced. The DLC was originally set at $25 AUD at Australia, compared to $15 USD — equating to $19.60 AUD

During a developer Q&A held by Kotaku, BioWare studio GM Aaryn Flynn, Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw, and Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah took some time to answer fan questions about BioWare titles. While many of the answers