Bungie is investigating several issues inside Destiny 2, including a broken MIDA Multi-Tool quest and PS4 connection issues. The PS4 connection issues usually result in a “Cabbage” error code. Bungie took to Twitter late last week to advise it was aware

Details of Destiny 2’s first piece of DLC, “Curse of Osiris” have been confirmed as correct by the developer. Here’s what to expect in the first batch of new content: “Destiny 2 Expansion I: Curse of Osiris continues your Guardian’s

Destiny 2 is now available, and Stevivor sadly didn’t gain access to the same 30-hour early playthrough that other outlets were privy to. Still, we’ve spent a large portion of the morning pouring over Bungie’s latest. It’s good, you guys.

Destiny 2 is awash in Lost Sectors — hidden areas in its public world spaces that offer up some great loot. Each Lost Sector has a mini-boss guarding it; beat the boss, gain access to the loot chest that’s nearby.

Destiny 2 has several Public Events scattered across its worlds, useful for Guardians who are looking to level up. Even better are Heroic Public Events, and this guide shows you how to access them. Thanks to Reddit’s VampireLowell for the

Less than a week in and Destiny 2 players have already completed the game’s campaign, now left asking, “what next?” Endgame, that’s what. And we’ve a great guide from Reddit’s QurBDO to help you prepare for it. Power levelling Destiny

On this episode of The GAP Luke Lawrie (Stevivor) and Joab Gilroy (Red Bull Games) talk about Luke’s trip to New York to check out NBA 2K18 and some of the new things the game has to offer. They also

It appears that same problem plaguing Destiny and its Achievements on Xbox One also rears its ugly head inside Destiny 2. This writer admittedly panicked when he successfully acquired all Hunter subclasses and then noticed its corresponding achievement, “Cayde’s Pathfinder” did not unlock.

Destiny 2 is available now on myriad platforms (and PC coming next month), and with it, a bunch of different pre-order bonuses that were offered. Depending on platform and region, you’re entitled to a number of goodies if you pre-ordered. The

Ah, Destiny 2. Titans are punchy, Hunters are jumpy and Warlocks… well, Warlocks hover. In addition to these class differences, each character type also has three subclasses to access. Here’s how to obtain ’em. After finishing the game’s opening story missions,

Destiny 2 players have discovered a neat little trick that provides a boosted jump inside the game’s new social space, The Farm. The trick has to be done each time you visit the Farm, but it’s fairly easy to do. Here’s

Guardians moving from Destiny to Destiny 2, take heart: you’re not locked into those your original characters. Bungie’s David ‘DeeJ’ Dague took to Twitter today to assure players they can delete their original Guardians without penalty. Destiny 2 knows your account rather than

Developer Bungie has advised that Destiny 2‘s Clan functionality will not be available until “several days after launch”. The announcement was made over on Twitter. In-game Destiny 2 Clan Features will be unavailable for the first several days after launch. Stay

Happy Destiny 2 launch day, everyone! To celebrate, Bungie’s just uploaded the game’s full soundtrack to a YouTube playlist. You can start things off with the first track, below: The soundtrack is a production of Michael Salvatori, Skye Lewin, C Paul Johnson, Rotem

A new trailer has detailed Destiny 2‘s Lost Sectors ahead of its launch tomorrow. For those unaware, Lost Sectors are hidden areas that offer up big rewards. Unmarked vaults, Guardians will need to use their wits and combat skills in an

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