A new gameplay trailer was released for the upcoming F1 2017, focusing on the Monaco street circuit at night. You can check out the trailer below. “We know our fans have loved seeing the classic cars being revealed in the recent

Micro Machines: World Series wants to be so much more than it is. Part of it is in the DNA of the franchise itself – controlling your mini-vehicle in a top-down view, you can’t help but notice that your fancy ambulance

Update: We’ve since learned that the area in question is home to DirtFish, a real-life rally driving school. You can find out more about the company here. Original story: A clever Redditor has realised DiRT 4‘s DiRT Academy is smack dab

The release of DiRT Rally in the tail-end of 2016 came as a revival for the once strong and respected DiRT franchise. Doing away with the ‘dude-bro’ themes that had become a staple for the series since DiRT 2, it

Micro Machines: World Series‘ second gameplay trailer has today been released by Codemasters. The trailer, below, is all about the thrill of the race. “For the first time in a Micro Machines game, every car has its own entirely distinct

Late last week, Codemasters released a new gameplay trailer for DiRT 4 alongside the start of its soundtrack reveal. First, let’s check out new gameplay from the upcoming title: Next, Codemasters revealed a few of the game’s 40 licensed tracks,

The first gameplay trailer for Micro Machines: World Series is now available for viewing. You can check it out below. “Micro Machines: World Series is a fresh new take on the franchise that is great fun for previous players and

Codemasters & Bandai Namco Australia today detailed DiRT 4‘s Day One Edition, available this June. Available across Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4, the Day One Edition will feature an exclusive Hyundai R5 rally car alongside livery, a Founder Icon

Update: Microsoft Australia has confirmed the subscription will cost $10.95 AUD per month in Australia. Microsoft Australia also confirmed that the service will only be available on Xbox One, not PC as it had previously advised. We have updated the

DiRT 4: Preview

The release of DiRT Rally last year symbolised a return to form for Codemasters’ once highly-respected off-road racing franchise. In a time where the series began to move away from its Colin McRae roots, it adopted the personality of Ken

DiRT Rally is now compatible with PlayStation VR through paid DLC on PS4. The entire game can be played in virtual reality, and the DLC introduces a new co-op mode, allowing a second player to act as a co-driver giving directions

Codemasters today confirmed Dirt 4, heading to PC and current-gen consoles in June. The title will include a new system called Your Change — “an innovative rally route creation tool that allows you to produce a near infinite number of unique

Codemasters & Bandai Namco today announced Micro Machines World Series for Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. The title will include standard races, elimination races and battle arenas that “allow you to wreak mass destruction on a miniature scale against

DiRT Rally, the co-winner of Stevivor’s Sports or Racing Game of the Year 2016, will soon be supported by PlayStation VR. Codemasters today announced that a standalone DLC upgrade priced at $19.45 AUD will be available “in the coming weeks.”

It’s the night before the night before Christmas, and all through Stevivor, we basically deferred to Nicholas on the best racing or sports games of 2016. Sure, there were a lot of sports games this year — as in every

Review: F1 2016

When an annual franchise like Codemasters’ F1 has been going on for as long as it has — where each year’s title is based off whatever track listing and team liveries the actual season includes — it’s difficult for the