A host of discounted PS4 titles are now available on the Australian PlayStation Store. Most are part of the ‘Only on PlayStation’ sale, though additional titles like Final Fantasy XV are also discounted. Here’s a list of what we think are the

Action-adventure games provided hours of pulse-pounding action this year. While we respected Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, our votes were primarily divided between Rise of the Tomb Raider, a timed Xbox One exclusive, and another exclusive: the PS4’s Bloodborne. “Forget Master

2015 was the year I actually started to like playing video games again. 2014 was a garbage year filled with re-releases and pretty average titles so it was east to be jaded, but 2015 proved to be just the medicine

Bloodborne‘s update 1.09 is now available, bringing a host of changes. Amongst several other fixes and adjustments, here are the biggest inclusions: Changes to weapons: The strength and stamina cost for several weapons has been adjusted. Changes to Insight Shop: In

Ben, Tano, Shane and Steve are once again holding down the fort, this week bringing you the Friendly Fire Show Game of the Year awards for 2015. And maybe a fight. Or two. This week’s Breaking the fourth Wall is

Bloodborne‘s online servers are already back up and running. The servers were pulled early yesterday for “emergency maintenance”. While an initial announcement said they’d be offline for several days, work has already been completed. Bloodborne has been patched to fix

Bloodborne‘s servers have been taken offline for “emergency maintenance”, allegedly due to an exploit that offered up the game’s “Old Hunters” DLC for free. “Thanks to the community here, we’ve received some really important feedback about an exploit and serious

Bloodborne’s expansion “The Old Hunters” is now available in Australia and our thoughts are available right now. In case you’re on the fence regarding a purchase, we thought we’d share the game’s first fifty minutes or so, which includes the first boss:

Earlier this year when Editor-in-Chief Steve reviewed Bloodborne’s base game and couldn’t get past the Cleric Beast, I can admit I had a bit of a chuckle. I even revelled in a bit of schadenfreude as I had blitzed past that

Sony has taken to the PlayStation Blog to detail how to access Bloodborne‘s “Old Hunters” DLC. All we can say is good luck. Defeat the boss in Cathedral Ward, then examine the altar in the back of the room to

Bloodborne’s first expansion — “The Old Hunters” — launches exclusively for PS4 from 24 November, but before it’s released, Sony has announced a free content update for the title. A soon to be available patch for Bloodborne will add The League to

During Paris Games week, Sony showed a short, new(ish) trailer for Bloodborne’s expansion “The Old Hunters”. While not showing much we haven’t already seen, we did get to see the saw-wheel weapon in action and a closer look at Ludwig and

Bloodborne is getting the Game of the Year treatment which is set to include the upcoming expansion “The Old Hunters.” Announced on the PlayStation Blog, Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition will hit PS4s in late November. In “The Old Hunters” players

Bloodborne fans hold onto your butts because Sony has announced the first expansion will be available in November. The popularity of Bloodborne has seen it sell over 2 million copies worldwide since launch which Sony announced in tandem with the expansion; “The

Twitch user Craddoc decided that Bloodborne simply wasn’t hard enough as it is, so he took it upon himself to make it even more challenging, by playing through without ever levelling up, healing or using guns. To recover health, Craddoc

The patch notes for Bloodborne’s 1.04 patch have been released, at least in Japanese. Luckily Dualshockers has translated them into English, and revealed a large number of changes and enhancements. You can read the full list over at their site,