On this episode of The GAP Luke Lawrie (Stevivor) and Joab Gilroy (Red Bull Games) talk about Joab’s PlayStation 4 getting bricked while trying to review a game, and the NBL announces they’ll be taking on the NBA during their

Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s BioWare Montreal has been merged with Star Wars: Battlefront 2‘s Motive Studios, EA today confirmed. “The teams in EA Worldwide Studios are packed with talent, and more than ever, we’re driving collaboration between studios on key projects. With multiple

On this episode of The GAP Luke Lawrie (Stevivor) and Joab Gilroy (Red Bull Games) talk about watching the Evo Championship series which was held in Las Vegas over the weekend, and messing around with the Parsec streaming software. They

Following its teaser during EA Play yesterday, EA’s Patrick Söderlund returned to the stage for the Xbox E3 presser to properly unveil BioWare’s Anthem in 4K for Xbox One X. “In the world of Anthem, you and your friends at

Electronic Arts’ 5.00 am AEST press conference has come and gone, but we’ve got all the news bundled up into one tidy package for you Aussie sleepyheads. We got the usual sports updates and YouTubers stumbling over their intros, but

EA used its press conference to tease BioWare’s new IP, Anthem. It looks like a cross between Halo, Mass Effect and Titanfall, with menacing soldiers in suits of armour. “In Anthem… explore a landscape of primeval beauty, confront the dangers you find,

Update: This piece has been updated to include Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s new same-sex romance as part of its patch 1.08 update. Sadly, the one extra romance doesn’t change much. Original story (29 March 2017): An in-depth look at the romance options available in the Mass

Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s latest patch will add a new romance for same-sex attracted males, BioWare today confirmed. The update, patch 1.08, will allow Scott Ryder to romance squadmate Jaal. BioWare says there are “several important reasons” why the romance has

Microsoft versus Sony, Battlefield versus Call of Duty and Forza versus Gran Turismo. These are some of the rivalries that can get people talking about console wars. “Game On or Game Over” is your place to get inside the minds

Microsoft’s Games With Gold for June 2017 have been confirmed, with an Ubisoft-heavy lineup soon available. Here’s what’s on offer to Xbox Live Gold subscribers: Xbox 360 Assassin’s Creed 3: 1-15 June Dragon Age: Origins: 16-30 June Xbox 360 titles

Electronic Arts today announced that it is “very pleased” with BioWare’s new IP alongside confirmation it will be delayed up to 2019. “We’re very pleased with the progress of our new action IP from BioWare,” Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson

EA will continue “to be bullish” on the Nintendo Switch, the publisher said in a financial call earlier today. Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson used the call to say EA feels “really good” about the Switch, and is “excited” by

BioWare’s newest IP, Dylan, has been described as a “semi-MMO” with elements from Destiny and The Division by Did You Know Gaming’s Liam Robertson. Robertson detailed Dylan in a podcast made available to his Patreon subscribers (as transcribed by IBTimes).

A Dragon Age: Inquisition voice actor is teasing a sequel over on Instagram. Voice actress Alix Wilton Regan, who voiced the female Inquisitor of Inquisition, used a very specific hashtag to jump-start fans’ hearts. You can see the image below. Back in the studio

Today’s Mass Effect: Andromeda has improved human and Asari eyes, making the characters a little more realistic. You can check out before and after photos thanks to Reddit user jizabo. Today’s patch is the first of many, designed to “evolve or

Mass Effect: Andromeda will receive future patches addressing gay male romance options alongside character animations, developer BioWare today confirmed. Taking to the BioWare blog, Aaron Flynn identified the areas his team will focus on improving. They include: More options and variety