Rugby 18 was today confirmed for an October release by Eko Software, Bigben Interactive and Maximum Games. The title will feature a host of European clubs, including England’s Premiership Rugby clubs and France’s TOP 14 teams. “As a huge sports fan, being able to work

The old Top Spin team is hard at work on Tennis World Tour, Bigben and Breakpoint today announced. Bigben used a press release to describe developer Breakpoint as populated by “an experienced team who previously worked on the Top Spin license.” “For years we’ve wanted

Bigben Interactive and Hyundai Motor Company will again partner for WRC 6, offering players the chance to win a Hyundai i20. For the second year in a row, the eSports WRC will let players earn points, with 8 finalists competing

Warhammer Fantasy Battles will make the jump from tabletop to console and PC hack ‘n slash game, partners BigBen and Games Workshop today confirmed. The game, which will take place in Warhammer’s Old World, is being developed by Eko Software. “We are very

Review: WRC 6

After the first 10 minutes of WRC 6, you’ll know what you’re in for. Typically, I would say this is the case after 60 minutes with most games title, but here, I wasn’t even two races in before I decided to switch

Kylotonn and Bigben today released a list of WRC 6 supported peripherals alongside minimum and recommended PC specs. First, the PC specs: Minimum specifications OS: Windows 7, 64-bit Processor: Intel Core i3 / AMD Phenom II X2 Memory: 4GB RAM Graphics:

Ahead of WRC 6‘s release next week, Bigben and Kylotonn have released a new trailer for the game. You can see it below: Vroom, vroom! What’d you think? WRC 6 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 14 October.

Bigben and Kylotonn Racing Games today detailed an EB Games exclusive pre-order bonus for WRC 6. Those who pre-order will receive the Yaris WRC Test car Toyota Gazoo Racing, which you can check out in action below: The car will be

Bigben and Kylotonn recently announced that WRC 6 will offer up split-screen racing, a series’ first on current-gen. “This split-screen mode allows two players to share the same screen while playing simultaneously, and brings the game to a new level of fun

Bigben and Klyotonn Games today released the first trailer for WRC 6. Check it out below: Community feedback has led to narrower roads, longer special stages and brand new head-to-head Super Special Stages. Expect WRC 6 this October on Windows

Perhaps I’m speaking about myself when I say this, but I feel like we often overlook games that aren’t triple-A titles when we’re on the lookout for our next great adventure or story. There’s a lot of buzz around the

Users at NeoGAF have noticed that the Electronic Software Association (ESA), the organisation that owns and organises E3, has created a Virtual Reality category for the Xbox One. At present, six companies are listed under the “Virtual Reality > Xbox

Frogware and Bigben today released a new video for the upcoming Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter. The video, below, is a walkthrough of the opening moments of the game: What’d you think? The Devil’s Daughter launches 10 June on Windows PC,

Bigben and Frogwares today announced that Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter will be available in June. The news was also accompanied by a new trailer for the game: What’d you think? Expect Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter from 10 June on PS4, Xbox

Bigben and Kylotonn Games today announced WRC 5 eSports Edition on PS4 and Xbox One. The new edition includes the base game and both current DLC packs equalling 78 stages. eSports WRC is sponsored by Hyundai, who will offer a premium

Bigben Interactive and Kylotonn Games today announced the first patch for WRC 5 on Xbox One and PS4. “One of the major issues we encountered at the launch concerned steering wheel compatibility on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, which is going to