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A potential in-game depiction of illegal drug use may cause Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to be refused classification within Australia. The end of the game’s reveal trailer shows a soldier ingesting lysergic acid diethylamide-25, or LSD, before “tripping balls” according to

On this episode of The GAP Luke Lawrie(Stevivor) and Joab Gilroy(Red Bull Games) have had some late nights and early mornings with all the things going on around E3 week. But first they talk about the games they’ve been playing

The Evil Within 2‘s extended gameplay trailer is sure to scare the stuffing out of you. Man, the sounds alone… Watch the trailer here, if you dare. “Set in Union, a crumbling city built using Lily’s mind as the Core,

In its first two E3 showcases Bethesda has relied on an extended demo of its upcoming tentpole release to anchor the show. In 2015 that was Fallout 4, last year it was Dishonored 2. In 2017 that honour fell upon

Bethesda used its E3 press conference to confirm new heroes and weapons for Quake Champions alongside an eSports focus. Wolfenstein protagonist BJ Blazkowicz was named as the game’s newest playable hero. Moreover, the game’s newest closed beta update contains 3 new maps alongside

Those looking for a bunch of new content in Bethesda’s press conference walked away disappointed, as the event seemed more like a showcase of existing games rather than announcements of upcoming stuff. Still, each game detailed below is out this

Sure, Bethesda might have placed BJ front and centre in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, but another character clearly steals the limelight. Who is she? We don’t quite know…. but we love her. You’ll know who we mean when you watch the game’s

Bethesda used its E3 press conference to announce Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. The next in the Dishonored franchise looks pretty tight. Check it out below: Nice, eh? Expect Dishonored: Death of the Outsider on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 from 15 September.

Bethesda today used its E3 press conference to announce The Evil Within 2. Developed by Shinji Mikami’s Tango Softworks, the sequel picks up years after the original. Check out the game’s trailer below: Spooky AF, eh? Expect The Evil Within 2 from

Today, Bethesda confirmed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Nintendo Switch will support amiibo. During its press conference, it was confirmed the port will support at least one amiibo — Breath of the Wind Link. The amiibo will provide in-game armour that makes your

Bethesda today detailed the Creation Club, a mod store available in-game in both The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4. The storefront will offer up mods made by Bethesda alongside (seemingly partnered) community creators. You’ll be able to purchase mods with

Bethesda opened its E3 2017 press conference with Bethesda VR, a set of experiences “you won’t find anywhere else,” according to the VR of PR Pete Hines. Showcased were two titles: DOOM VFR and Fallout 4 VR. Take a look at in-game footage below:

Bethesda is back for its third annual E3 2017 press conference, looking to impress gamers of all sorts. Think the conference will confirm the rumoured ‘Fallout in space’, Starfield? Only time will tell. You can watch Bethesda’s press conference live, below. Time

Like The Evil Within 2, Bethesda’s Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus has been leaked a day prior to the publisher’s E3 2017 conference. This time, is the culprit, accidentally listing the game a day ahead of schedule. The listing has since

Accidental, early Reddit ads have leaked The Evil Within 2 ahead of Bethesda’s press conference tomorrow afternoon. The ads have started to appear within the last few hours, seemingly scheduled a day earlier than intended. “From survival horror mastermind Shinji Mikami