Prey‘s latest patch, 1.02, has opened up a new wait to exploit recycling systems. The new glitch will take one item and magically change it into 48. To accomplish this, you need to put less than 1.00 of an item

Those who purchase the digital upgrade or physical Collector’s Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will receive early access to the game. Separate from the game’s Public Test Server beta, those who are eligible will play on live servers

Quake Champions will go into open beta later this week, Bethesda today confirmed. The PC-only title, currently in a closed beta, will open up to all as part of a “Large Scale Tech Test” on 12 May, running until 21 May. It

Prey‘s game-breaking PC bug will be fixed this week, Bethesda has told IGN. The site’s Dan Stapleton encountered a bug approximately 30 hours into his campaign, resulting in a corruption of his save files. Reverting back to a previous save would

Prey is a super complex game, but that hasn’t stopped speedrunners from finishing it in under twenty minutes. Twenty minutes, people. YouTuber DraQu’s 19:34 playthrough is below, though says a player called Havrd owns the world record at an

Arkane has delivered the goods with Prey. A vast departure from the likes of Dishonored, Prey – alike only in name with Human Head Studios’ 2006 title – drops a level-by-level approach in favour of what Arkane calls “open space station”

Users have found a recycling exploit within Prey that will surely be patched out as a matter of priority. The recycling exploit was first found by Random Chievo’s. A bit hard to follow, eh? What you need to do is recycle elements,

Prey is available from today, and while Arkane Studios last release, Dishonored 2, was a bit of a mess on the PC, we’re happy to report that from what we’ve played so far Prey is running great. While it might be

Prey features an alternate timeline in which John F. Kennedy, or JFK, survived his assassination attempt at the Grassy Knoll. Stevivor takes you through Prey‘s alternate timeline, in which American President John F. Kennedy survived the assassination attempt in Texas, 1963.

Prey is available today, and Stevivor’s latest guide will show you how to obtain its powerful Q-Beam weapon. “The TS-QPB-S11 Quasiparticle Beam is a prototype directed energy weapon,” its in-game description reads. “A stream of volatile quasiparticles causes rapidly cascading excitations

Prey is now available, and Stevivor can confirm that Arkane Studios has fixed the issue of input lag on PS4. Prey‘s demo, released earlier this week, suffered from some notable input lag. It made Prey feel sluggish and choppy. After some

Prey is available today, and Stevivor has compared its graphics options settings on PC to that of Dishonored 2 and Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. First, Prey’s available options: Admittedly, there’s not much there. That mirrors the launch of Arkane’s Dishonored 2, though the game

Sadly, Morgan Yu, nor the Mimics, will be able to turn into a “Not a Mimic” post-it note in Prey,  Arkane today confirmed. “Technically, you’re not able to,” use mimic powers to turn into a post-it note, Arkane’s Raphael Colantonio

“Any” of Prey‘s multiple endings could work as canon if a sequel is made, Arkane’s Raphael Colantonio today told Stevivor. “I think it’s possible for any of the endings to work,” Colantonio said after we asked which of the game’s

Update: Speaking with Stevivor today, Arkane’s Raphael Colantonio said the issue of input lag on PS4 was addressed “a long time ago.” “Oh yeah,” he told Stevivor today. “That was fixed a long time ago. Patched.” Colantonio said it didn’t make

Prey developer Arkane Studios says its “thoroughness” has doubled on PC after the abysmal release of Dishonored 2 on the platform. Dishonored 2 suffered from performance and input issues upon release, something Arkane says won’t happen with Prey. “This time we are, given what