Ben Heck is back, doing what he does best — taking things apart so you can see their innards. Thankfully, we’re talking tech — and in this case, the Nintendo Switch. Heck is quite interested in the console’s Joy-Con controllers,

Ben Heck’s latest console-as-laptop is an Xbox One S model. You can check out the laptop in construction here: Almost makes you want to take yours apart and rebuild, eh? Disassemble your console at your own risk.

A recent episode of The Ben Heck Show is all about the PS4 Pro… and to a lesser extent, its lack of a 4K Blu-ray player. Heck also compares the PS4 Pro to the PS4 Slim and the Xbox One

Ben Heck has deconstructed a PS4 Slim for your enjoyment. Watch as the custom console tech takes the newest PS4 apart, piece by piece, below: Neat, right? The PS4 Slim doesn’t have too long in the limelight — the PS4