Microsoft has just revealed that Dance Central 3 will be the first Xbox 360 game to feature SmartGlass functionality. First hinted at during E3, Dance Central 3 will use tablet and smartphone connectivity to allow people to queue up new

Now, I honestly thought I was done with reviewing the episodic Walking Dead series by Telltale Games after writing up the second story and playing through the third. The series launched with grand ambitions in the first episode, fixed up

Super Penguins comes to us from newly established, London based developer Supersolid and with this game they are off to a great start. Super Penguins is free to download for your iOS or Android device and is a worthy addition to

Now, I’m not a big-time football fan, but I’ve played my share of iOS games. EA’s mobile FIFA series included. It’s been a short – and strange – history. Beginning with FIFA 10, avid football fans could take their favourite

Despite the fact the franchise has been around for almost two decades, Rayman is a character I’ve never really come across in the past. Recently however I checked out the latest instalment in the Rayman series, Rayman: Jungle Run for

Review: Tasty Fish

Melbourne indie game developers Dime Studios have burst onto the scene this week with the release of Tasty Fish for iOS. When starting a new game, Tasty Fish offers just one piece of advice: “Stay alive!” You do this by

Review: Unmechanical

Until about a week ago, I honestly hadn’t heard of Unmechanical. I also hadn’t realised that ‘unmechanical’ was even a word (it still isn’t). Nevertheless, after learning of it and playing through the game itself, I have to say that

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy can best be described as a rhythm action game with RPG elements. On the surface, it may appear a standard rhythm game, however its simple façade hides an amazing level of complexity that will have you addicted in

First off, this is the weirdest review I’ll ever have to write. Where to begin? If you’re reading this and haven’t read our Walking Dead “Episode 1” review -– or played the game, for that matter –- that’s obviously a

Review: Pocket Planes

Have you all got your life back after Tiny Tower? Good, now go out and grab yourself NimbleBit’s latest addition to the 8-bit gaming world, Pocket Planes. I will preface this review by mentioning that Pocket Planes is not for

One of the things I was most looking forward to at last year’s PAX was the chance to get hands on with Telltale Games’ Jurassic Park. I loved the JP movies as a kid – and even the horrible game

Many gamers will have heard of 11bit Studios’ highly lauded iOS/Android title of last year, Anomaly: Warzone Earth (which is widely regarded as one of the best games on iOS); however, I was surprised to find out it was originally released for

Almost 3 years after Melbourne-based developer Firemint released their smash-hit Flight Control on the iPhone, they have come out with a title which definitely rivals the best in the casual games market. Flight Control Rocket takes the iconic aircraft-landing game into space. But more

Mass Effect: Infiltrator is the latest game from Melbourne based developer IronMonkey Studios, known for developing Dead Space for iOS…which I might add, is one of my personal favorites on the iPhone. So, expectations were high. Mass Effect: Infiltrator  is a

Start your tiny little engines and get your steering finger ready to engage in some crazy racing action from Brisbane developers, The Binary Mill. This isometric top-down racer is a welcome addition to the great library of iOS titles which

Review: SPY Mouse

As a recovered Flight Control addict, I was looking forward to the latest iOS game to come from local Melbourne development house Firemint. I’m sad to say that SPY Mouse didn’t really live up to my expectation. The title looks