Growing up, I often found myself wandering aimlessly around our local arcade trying to decide what to play. Inevitably I’d find myself in the back corner playing one of the three pinball machines, feeding quarter after quarter into its waiting

To Infinity and beyond… ahem. Now that that’s out of my system, let’s get to it. Disney Infinity appears – on the surface at least – to be a Disney take on Skylanders. It’s an adventure game that requires physical

There’s a special place in many gamers’ hearts for Nintendo’s Game & Watch series. In the early 80s, simple LCD handhelds were quite popular, and many older gamers likely had at least one (my family had the iconic orange dual-screen

Halo: Spartan Assault is Halo, and it is not. It’s also a mobile game, but again, it is not. The first Halo offering on mobile devices (cause Halo Waypoint doesn’t count, guys and girls), Spartan Assault made its mid-July debut

Despite sounding like a strange date rape game, Where’s My Mickey? is great fun. The Mickey in question is of course the mouse of Disney fame, replacing the main character in Where’s My Water to provide some physics-based puzzle fun.

When Deus Ex: The Fall was first announced, I was sceptical. As much as I love my iPad, it always feels that there is a limitation to what kinds of games play well on a touchscreen.  The Fall’s claim to

The Australian developed city building/crafting game hybrid TownCraft is now available after two years of development. Created by two brothers from Sydney — Leigh and Rohan Harris working as Flat Earth Games — TownCraft officially launched for iPad last week at PAX Australia

I’m going to be the first to admit that I don’t understand how Project Spark works. I mean, I do get it at its very basic level, but past that, I’m clueless. And, more importantly, oh so lacking in creativity.

2K recently released XCOM: Enemy Unknown on iOS, and it’s almost 1:1 with the game’s 2012 release on PC and consoles. In short, it’s fantastic. The game looks a little worse than it does on consoles, but that’s to be

Movie tie-in games have never had a good reputation, let’s be honest. Stretching all the way back to classic gems like the ET game on Atari, quality tie-ins have without question been the exception to the rule. Thankfully, we’re seeing

As we commute, we naturally seek ways to pass the time. Mobile gaming is becoming one of the best ways to seemingly shorten the distance between work and home… as evidenced by the amount of people that smash into me

Review: The Cave

If you’ve ever played a point-and-click adventure game before, you probably know who Ron Gilbert is. As the creator of Monkey Island, he’s been a pretty big figure in the history of the genre, developing the first two Monkey Island

This isn’t big news, but it is at the same time. Xbox gamerscore thanks to an Apple device? Who would have thunk it? Wordament, a charming word finding game (think Boggle) first appeared as an indie title on Windows Phone.

RedLynx, the brains behind the ever-popular Trials series, are back with Nutty Fluffies on iOS. Aside from the shocking awful name, the game as a lot more in common with Trials than you might think. Set in a theme park,

Wreck-It-Ralph — despite what you may believe — is not for adults. It’s for children. While the movie can easily be enjoyed by parents — or simply Pixar lovers — the same cannot be said for its tie-in iOS game.

Reviewing mobile games has never been high on my to-do list. They’re usually uninspired knock-offs, or such bite-sized chunks of gaming that I find I never have much to say about a title. That being said, we’re ever-increasingly being presented