Twin Peaks. Its impact upon popular culture is immense, from carefully plotted, serialised storytelling to cryptic references in other television shows, movies and of course, video games. With the series’ revitalisation heading to small screens across the world later today,

Alan Wake will be pulled from digital storefronts later this evening, giving gamers scant hours to buy the title before that happens. A number of songs used in the title are facing expiring licenses, including the likes of David Bowie’s Space Oddity and

Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment is planning an initial public offering (IPO) on the Nasdaq First North Finland stock exchange in order to gain “a stronger value chain position” in the video games industry. GamesIndustry reports that Remedy plans to go

Remedy Games is currently working on two projects and one of those will include a PS4 release, the developer today reaffirmed. The developer detailed the information on its blog, also providing financial results for the 2016 fiscal year. Remedy reported a

Finishing up our conversation with Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, we put him through a lightning round-style series of questions we affectionately dubbed, “What would it take?” With what would be our last question, we asked what it would take

Remedy’s Thomas Puha took to the developer’s blog today to announce that the studio is hard at work on two separate games. Sadly, none of them are Alan Wake related. “For a while now already, we’ve been developing a brand new

We’ve been sitting on this video for a long, long time, readers — Alan Wake’s Return inside Quantum Break. Protagonist Jack Joyce can play this video about two minutes into the start of Quantum Break‘s first act. You can watch it again

Outside Xbox has posted a wonderful video that shows off the connections between Remedy’s Quantum Break, Alan Wake and Max Payne. It’s definitely worth a look, even if some of it is, well, wrong. The video does a great job of showing

We know that Remedy’s Quantum Break features a bunch of references to Alan Wake and hopefully heralds the latter franchise’s eventual return. Now, Stevivor’s started to document those references in the lead up to our review and associated coverage. While there’s a

Remedy has just made Quantum Break‘s soundtrack available on SoundCloud. The tracks were composed by Petri Alanko, who also did the score for Alan Wake. There are nine tracks available now on SoundCloud ahead of the game’s release on 5 April. Expect

Alan Wake is now backwards compatible on Xbox One, and to celebrate, we’ve captured the opening sequence of the game. Guys and girls, THIS is how you make an amazing game. Alan Wake will be gifted to those who buy Quantum

Three new Xbox 360 titles are now backwards compatible on Xbox One. Remedy’s Alan Wake is joined by Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Pac-Man. Those who own the games digitally can download them via the Xbox One My Games and Apps area. Those

Stevivor sat down with Thomas Puha, Head of Media & Partners at Remedy, to discuss the development and also public relations plan for the upcoming Quantum Break. Before delving into Remedy’s newest game, I couldn’t resist asking about the controversy

Well, my day’s been ruined. Remedy’s Sam Lake, speaking with Kotaku, has quashed the idea that a recent trademark of “Alan Wake’s Return” meant bigger and better things for the franchise. Lake says the trademark was applied for merely because of

Polygon’s coverage of Quantum Break has revealed myriad Alan Wake easter eggs that should tide fans over until a sequel is confirmed. The outlet makes reference to two major easter eggs, the first of which is shown in the video below: The second

In addition to outing Pokémon Sun and Moon, Europe’s Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OAMI) has brought details of a Remedy application for a trademark of Alan Wake’s Return. The application was submitted to OAMI on 23 February and includes