It’s not hard to see what n-Space and Square Enix were trying to achieve when they created Heroes of Ruin. While there are a multitude of dungeon crawlers on PC or console, the experience has yet to really take hold

Growing up, I was a huge fan of Mario Tennis for Nintendo 64. The Gamecube version lost some of the game’s simplicity, but I’m happy to see that Mario Tennis Open on the Nintendo 3DS has pretty much returned to

Tales of the Abyss is one of the growing number of 3DS titles that have been ported and tweaked from other systems. Whilst Ocarina of Time 3D is definitely the standout in terms of overall remake quality, Tales has definitely

I remember playing Rayman 2 on not one, not two, but THREE completely separate gaming systems. I enjoyed it every time for its quirky character design, strong platforming gameplay and that odd choice of typeface that pervaded the entire game.

Okay, before I start this review I need to come clean. I’m a massive Level-5 fanboy. There I’ve said it. Why? Let me explain. To most people Level-5 will be known as the people who gave the world the charming

Review: Nintendo 3DS

There’s no denying that Nintendo’s new portable console, the 3DS, is a remarkable piece of hardware. Once again Nintendo is attempting to take that leap forward into the next generation of gaming before its competitors. We’ve seen it before with