Never has a video game had such a fitting title; Samus has been absent for far too long. It’s a travesty that we’ve gone 13 years without a 2D Metroid – and a full decade without something that feels like

A new Nintendo Direct will air later in the week, showcasing Switch and 3DS games, the publisher has advised. The 45-minute presentation will kick off Thursday, 14 September at 8.00 am AEST. It will air here. Tune in Thur Sept

Just over two years ago, I made my first foray into the Monster Hunter series with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – and quickly assumed it would be my last. In spite of its intricate creature design, weird cat sidekicks (sorry,

Resident Evil: Revelations and Revelations 2 will be available on the Nintendo Switch in November, Capcom has advised. The titles are currently available on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC. Revelations first began life as a 3DS exclusive, eventually ported to multiple systems. Bring horror

September 2017 means one thing: the lead up to the holiday season. As such, get ready for a barrage of games, with sports titles leading the charge. There’s also a bunch of games finally heading to Nintendo Switch. Here’s what

There’s no way around it: I bought a Nintendo 3DS – and a Circle Pad Pro – for Resident Evil: Revelations. Since finishing the game, my 3DS has relegated to StreetPass collection, and I literally have no idea where I

Update: EB Games Australia has confirmed that Swap ‘N’ Play is currently available in South Australia, though it will not offer a two month free trial as per the original, erroneous report. Additionally, all pre-owned titles are available under the

The Professor Layton series continues with daughter Katrielle in Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy on Nintendo 3DS. Developed by Level-5, the title will be available in Australia and New Zealand from 7 October, Nintendo recently confirmed. “The Nintendo 3DS

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney will soon head to 3DS, Capcom recently announced. Originally available on the DS in 2008, the fourth game in the series will allow players to switch between the Japanese and English versions of the game in

Metroid: Samus Returns may very well be the first time a bunch of Nintendo fans will play Samus as she was originally conceived, ditching first-person shooting and Smash Bros. antics for difficult, side-scrolling mayhem. From the hour of hands-on time

The next Persona Q game, Persona Q2, will be based on the popular Persona 5, Atlus confirmed yesterday. A Nintendo 3DS, not much is known about Persona Q2 as yet — all Atlus has released is the teaser image above. It uses Persona 5′s catchphrase, “Take

Capcom today confirmed a release date for Resident Evil: Revelations on Xbox One and PS4 alongside a release window for a Revelations bundle on Nintendo Switch. First, Resident Evil: Revelations heads to Xbox One and PS4 on 29 August. The re-release originally appeared on 3DS in

Metroid: Samus Returns has a special difficulty setting that can only be unlocked by amiibo figurine, Nintendo has confirmed. Speaking with Eurogamer, a Nintendo rep confirmed that the new Metroid amiibo will unlock a special Fusion difficulty mode. Available after completing Metroid: Samus

July 2017 is proof that publishers tend to quiet down in the lead up to the holiday season. Still, it’s good to be a Switch owner this month — Splatoon 2, am I right? Here’s what to expect over July

A new Pokémon Sun and Moon distribution code will provide 5 in-game Mega Stones to power up specific Pokémon. The 5 Mega Stones will power up Banette, Blaziken, Cameruptite, Sceptile and Swampert into Banettite, Blazikenite, Cameruptite, Sceptilite and Swampertite, respectively. Here’s how

Update: Capcom has responded to Stevivor’s enquiry with a rather unhelpful response. “No announcements have been made,” Capcom told Stevivor early this morning. We’ll update this story as more becomes available. Original story: A translated interview on Capcom’s website suggests the publisher