Review: Xbox Kinect and Kinect Adventures

The Nintendo has its Wii. Sony, Move. Now, it’s Microsoft’s turn to rollout motion-controlled gaming to its fanbase with Kinect.

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I have just spent two days of one week playing a single video game, and it’s all Captain Canada’s fault.

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I grew up with the old-school 80s Transformers cartoon, but I am by no means a hardcore fan who demands

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Now, let me put this out there, front and centre: I don’t like Grand Theft Auto. Open world games don’t

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Like Stephen King? Twin Peaks? If so, you’ll love Alan Wake – the game ITSELF even tells you that! Quite

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A video game series that focuses on movie trivia: it’s a (Cool) Shite reader’s wet dream. Previously published by Microsoft

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I am an Xbox 360 achievement whore. There’s no denying it; I literally spent my hard-earned cash on Avatar: The

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Keeping bias out of a review is hard enough work; harder still when tasked to review Resident Evil 5 whilst